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The Cooking Hotfix (v1.7-rc.2)


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Version 1.7-rc.2, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 
If you update from 1.6: Please use the full installer, and remember to apply the remappings for old worlds


Game Updates

  • Fixed typing sounds gone in login screen 
  • Fixed game crashing on opengl errors
  • Fixed login screen trying to render disposed textures causing the game to crash 
  • Fixed bucket + flour recipe broken (and hopefully didn't break other recipes >.>)
  • Fixed torch and chicken hurt sounds in stereo (causing them to be not distance attenuated)
  • Fixed a server side exception spam
  • Fixed entity generations not copied over when becoming an adult. 
  • Fixed player able to have more hp than max hp
  • Fixed nutrient levels not draining when not eating them
  • Fixed some typos and missing block titles
  • Fixed create server button wrongly named
  • Fixed memory not freed after leaving world. Again. 

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