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Benjamin Bishop

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While trying to work on the anvil, the AI thinks everything is bismuth and will only let me forge a bismuth plate. I have tried iron and meteoric iron, it converts it to bismuth. This just started today after I had been playing for a few hours and using the anvil earlier, everything worked fine. I tried logging out and back in with no change. Thank You!

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8 hours ago, Benjamin Bishop said:

I have a couple of mods but nothing new and I haven't had a problem with either.

You of course never have any problems with mods... until the first time you have problems with mods :P

In posting here, you are basically asking a code developer to spend time investigating your issue instead of spending that time to work on the game. And there is only one single code developer on Vintage Story. Investigating your bug therefore halts all development. And if your issue is caused by a mod, then all the time spend investigating will be completely wasted, because Tyron will never be able to reproduce your issue. You did not tell him you use mods, so he will try investigating without mods, and the problem will never appear. Additionally - if the problem is caused by mods, then Tyron is not the right person to talk to in the first place. It's not his problem if a mod breaks something that works in the base game. The mod author is supposed to investigate that. If it turns out that what the mod is doing exposes an undetected issue in the base game code, then the mod author can go to Tyron with detailed info. But that's a rare exception. Most of the time, the mod author will be the one doing the fixing of their implementation.

If you are of the opinion that it can't possibly be a mod that does this, then please verify that first. Back up your save, remove all your third party mods, and see if the issue persists - or even better, if you can find some sequence of actions that reliably causes the issue to appear in a fresh new save as well. That part of a bug report is called "reproduction steps", and will make any developer instantly fall in love with you if you include them. Mod authors too, by the way. ;) A single bug report with reproduction steps is worth twice as much as hundred reports of "hey this thing is not working".

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