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The Cooking Hotfix, Take #2 (v1.7.0-rc.3)


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28 tweaks and bugfixes in about 46 hours. Not even one bugfix per hour. Pathetic! :D

Don't worry, I'm just kidding! This update might fix the constant InvalidOperation crashes, and if it doesn't then it will bring me one step closer in finding it, if you keep sending me those juicy hawt crash reports ^_^


Game updates

  • Tweak: Farmland now rarely grows horsetails as weeds and also recovers nutrients when dry
  • Tweak: Added "Optimize Ram" setting to gfx options. If off it will disable some of the ram optimizations the game does
  • Tweak: Made it so now that continuously fleeing entities reduce their flee sound play chance after some time
  • Tweak: Leaf decay now happens 6 times slower, therefore bigger chunks can now decay and also is randomly triggered for nearby blocks meaning pre1.7 floating leaves blocks have a chance of decaying now
  • Tweak: Snow layers on top of decayed leaves now drops on the ground
  • Tweak: The 3 solid sides of a bloomery are now flagged as solid, i.e. can attach a torch to it
  • Tweak: Increased range at which animals find a trough (from 25 to 32 blocks)
  • Tweak: Added random rotations to eggs
  • Tweak: Added farmland to creative inventory
  • Tweak: Added command feature: "/time add X days"
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing changes:
    • Increased pine sapling drop rate by 200%
    • Increased acacia sapling drop rate by 20%
    • Reduced chance of chickens laying 2 and 3 eggs
  • Tweak: Block breaking particle tweaks
  • Fixed: Animals able to immediately reproduce after growing up causing them to multiply very quickly
  • Fixed: Chickens spamming eggs after the world was fast forwarded many days (e.g. on servers)
  • Fixed: Stack merging issues with buckets
  • Fixed: Filling a half full bucket with water removing water
  • Fixed: Land claiming ineffective for same-rank players
  • Fixed: Possible source that would cause the intro music play in game 
  • Fixed: Redundant Full GC Collect every 2 minutes causing lag spikes every 2 minutes. One major source of lag spikes gone! \o/
  • Fixed: VSEssentials mod reference incorrect for source mods
  • Fixed: Bloomery chimney not place-able on bloomery base. Removed ability to place chimney anywhere else other than the base
  • Fixed: Stew cooking too slowly and other meals cooking too quickly
  • Fixed: Mushrooms in pots/planters not dropping upon breaking them
  • Fixed: Logger crashing game when trying to log after it's being disposed
  • Fixed: Might fix rare occasion when knapping a flint causes the renderer thing to wave. 
  • Fixed: Might fix rendering a disposed texture issue, causing crashes with some players.
  • Fixed: Breaking torch holder not dropping torch
  • Fixed: Block breaking particles to far offseted when breaking in negative x/z direction

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