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Ability to bloom steel bits back into ingots


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As of right now, you can use a chisel to break any work item, tool head, ingot, plate, etc. into bits of the parent material, allowing for a handful of things.

One use is reprocessing botched work items back into useable metal.

Another is to break ingots back to nuggets for alloying (say, I accidentally made all my copper into ingots before realizing I need some for bronze)

But for steel, there's no way to turn bits back into ingots. With copper & bronze, you can melt it in the crucible back into molten metal and cast it. With iron, the bits can be bloomed back into ingots. But for steel, there's no solution at all. The bits are simply useless, arguably even less useful than my botched set of 9 arrowheads I can no longer reforge into an ingot.

So, a way to reprocess steel bits into ingots would be lovely. I think the bloomery is the simplest and most elegant solution (only requiring the temperature cap of the bloomery to be increased by 3 degrees) but the cementation furnace works too since it's the way you acquire steel anyways.

For now I modded myself a quick & dirty hotfix by dropping the melting point of steel bits by 3 degrees so they're valid for the bloomery, but I'd love an official fix for this if possible.

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