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The Cooking Hotfix, Take #4 (v1.7.0-rc.5)


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So many bugs. Now its a few less. Maybe reaching stable soon? Time will tell.


Game updates

  • Fixed: Bucket filling/emptying weirdness
  • Fixed: Lag spikes when opening the inventory (+rare crash)
  • Fixed: Missing death message translation when killed by foxes
  • Fixed: Wooden club not craftable from kapok
  • Fixed: Baby chick sound issues
  • Fixed: Bucket water filling crash
  • Fixed: Quern grinding not visible to other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Knapping with stones also threw a stone
  • Fixed: Entities falling through stone path (raised stone path collision box to a full block) 
  • (Fixed): Low chance of fixing client side block entity renderers not disappearing when they should

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