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Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, unstable finetune #2 (1.16.1-rc.3)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.16.1-rc.3, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.


Game updates

  • Tweak: White selected block highlight now limited to chiseling dark blocks
  • Tweak: Boosted long blade damage output by roughly 25%
  • Tweak: Tripled auction placement duration. Fixed multiplier worldconfig still affecting deposit cost.
  • Fixed: Flowers getting frost overlay when they shouldn't
  • Fixed: Should theoretically fix crash when sleeping
  • Fixed: Should fix too many decimal places when looking at crock meal servings
  • Fixed: Game client crash when looking at pre 1.12 chiseled blocks in inventory
  • Fixed: Not able to place wall signs on solid chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare crash issue related to charcoal pits
  • Fixed: Dupe bug with fruit mash
  • Fixed: Avoid the game crashing from corrupted blocks that have mycelium on them
  • Fixed: Might fix sign block rotation multiplayer desync
  • Fixed: Framerate drops when searching in the handbook
  • Fixed: Dupe bug with moving liquids between containers
  • Fixed: Mitigate cases of rifts spawning where they shouldn't
  • Fixed: Game crashing when disabling invalid mods in the mod manager
  • Fixed: Unrelated exception thrown when a source mod had a compile error
  • Fixed: Game client crashing on non-existant blocks (blocks that had a block id for which there was no block or missing block associated)
  • Fixed: Some lang entries were missing
  • Fixed: Rusty gears off-center when placed on shelves
  • Fixed: Visual issues with potted fern


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