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Navigation tools for all stages of the game.

Native Copper Bits

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The problem:

Playing the game, without the minimap and coordinates enabled, dissuades players from venturing too far from their home. Using/making landmarks and using signposts are the only options, that players use, to avoid getting lost.

The solution:

Tools that help with telling the player where they are. Compasses, sextants and other tool could be added. Sextant has to actually be used to get results. Low stages of the game can offer compasses and other tools that give rough gauging, while late-game tools can provide the sextant and can provide exact estimations. Sextant results can also vary depending on the player's use of it; using it incorrectly can give inaccurate outcomes, while using it correctly can give minuscule margins of error.

Notable issues with this suggestion:

  • Having minimap and coordinates enabled makes these tools completely obsolete, the tools are meant for immersion and assistance for people who have them disabled.
  • Implementing mechanics for the sextant is quite complicated and requires some streamlining. Sextants should also be added once oceans are added, as they are the perfect place to locate the horizon.


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