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Distribution has begun (v.0.9.p5)


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Fellow Vintarians
v0.9 Pre-Release 5 is online for all owners of a game key

I have sent out the first few free game keys to a number of youtubers as well as a few other people. If you are a Youtuber with a decent subscriber count feel free to contact me and I'll probably send you a free game key. 

Since the game is officially in the hands of others now, I will change the format of my news articles to always include the version number and notable bugfixes. 


  • The account manager is complete. It now also allows downloading of the game. \o/ 
  • The game now ships with XML Documentation for the Server Mod API
  • Two example server mods are now available as open source project at https://github.com/tyronx/vsmodexamples
  • Added cobblestone slabs
  • Significantly improved readability/crispness of many texts in the game, especially when using a GUI Scale smaller than 8
  • Added player names above the players head for multiplayer. 


  • Fixed many collision and selectionboxes not being correctly applied to blocks. 
  • Fixed some networking weirdness that sometimes prevents the player to leave a multiplayer world
  • Fixed some instances where the client crashes instead of showing a "disconnected from server" screen
  • Adding npcs no longer crashes the game


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