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Where can I find Alum?


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Im just wondering if anyone out there has information about the ore Alum and how to obtain it. Ive been looking for it for quite a while now on a multiplayer server. Through prospecting I have identified a large number of chunks that contain a "minuscule amount of Alum" and I strip mined through the sedimentary layer of rocks in these chunks but have found nothing. 
I have even tried going into single player and using a combination of prospecting and worldedit to quickly clear large areas of stone in search for the ores within. I couldnt find Alum even then. 

So I guess my main question is: How can I find alum?
A secondary question might be: Was alum ore generation changed at all in 1.16.x? Perhaps it is bugged?
Third: Does prospecting for Alum ever return larger probabilities than "minuscule"?

Id like to know more about the ore as well if anyone knows any details on it as that may help in figuring out where to find it. All I currently know is the host rocks that it can be found in (sedimentary) and that it sort of spawns in vertical cylinders.

Also, it doesnt seem like anything has really been posted about alum online, so maybe this can help other people as well.
Any help would be appreciated! :)

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Alum only spawns in very specific locations. First, you need to find a desert; not just a sand/gravel area, an actual hot-climate (average temp between 15 and 40), no-rain (rainfall between 0 and 0.3) desert. Look for cacti and bones/skulls lying around. If you spawned in a temperate climate (the default) and have climate distribution set to "realistic", expect to have to travel for a couple of real-world hours to find one.

Then make sure the top-most rock type is sedimentary (claystone, sandstone, shale, chalk, limestone, chert, conglomerate). Then dig in low-lying areas; it will usually be just below the sand/gravel, or maybe under a layer or two of rock, not very deep. Not all deserts have it, and not all locations in any specific desert has it, so be prepared to keep trying.

You can check the average temp and rainfall stats at your current location with this command: /wgen pos climate

Alternate, much easier option: find a commodities trader, wait for them to have alum in stock, and buy it.


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