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rye growth stunted due to heat in 19 centigrade weather.

Alexander Boxall

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Growth stunting happens the moment the temperature gets above the threshold just once. Then the crop remains growth stunted until harvested/broken.

Rye takes ten days to grow and has a heat resistance of 27°C. If the temperature ever gets above 27°C during one single moment on one single day out of those ten, then the crop will get damaged.

Your temperature right now might show 19°C, but temperature varies throughout the day. Mornings are the coldest, and afternoons are the hottest part of the day. It's perfectly normal to see temperature spikes over 30°C in summer in the default starting climate. That is too hot for rye.

Also: in 1.16.1, there is a bug with daily temperature variation, which shows the wrong temperature to the player. This was fixed in 1.16.2. So if you use .1, you may simply be seeing the wrong value. Consider updating to a newer version.

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