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Torch right-click consistency


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If I hold flint in hand and right click on a flint on the ground, it appears in the stack in-hand. If I right-click on a torch with a torch in hand, it places another torch, similar to behavior of placing blocks, I guess. I can see the point there. It would be a major pain to have to crouch every time you wanted to place a torch.

But empty hand makes no sense to me. While flint just bounces to wherever the stack happens to be in inventory, torches do not. Left click breaks the torch and leaves it on the ground, just as flint does. But right-click seems to do nothing at all.

I'd really prefer empty hand right click worked the same way on torches that it does on berries, or stones, or molds, or bowls, or crocks... you get the point. It either adds to the current stack wherever it is in inventory, or if there is none or the stack is full, it starts a new stack.

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