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How was it...Did slabs stop drifter spawn ?


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All creatures can only spawn on solid faces - that is, block faces level with a full block height.

Therefore, placing lower half slabs prevents creatures from spawning. As does anything else that modifies block height, such as ground storage, hoeing farmland, and so on.

Light specifically stops drifters from spawning. Doesn't even need very much of it. Light also lessens the chance that a temporal rift will form, and surface drifters can only spawn under the open sky if a temporal rift is nearby. They can still spawn without a rift if the sky is blocked, for example in a cavem, or in an unlit building.

Note: temporal storms allow drifters to ignore spawn rules. During heavy storms, they may even spawn in midair and/or in the same space you occupy, if there is no other viable spot. Light storms aren't quite that harsh, but they still let Drifters ignore things like light levels, skylight, or world height (for the harder drifter types).

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