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blocks jumping into the air.

Alexander Boxall

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16 hours ago, Alexander Boxall said:

I've had sticks and logs jumping around after cutting down a tree

This behavior may occur if the item is lying on the exact edge of a block above the ground (for example another tree's branches). There may then be a tiny disagreement between client and server about the item's exact position, likely due to floating point imprecision. As a result, the client may think that the item is over the edge, and display it falling to the ground below. Then it syncs with the server, and the server says no, the item is still up there, and so it is moved back up. And then the client again thinks that it should fall... rinse and repeat. Fun fact: Minecraft has the exact same behavior.

TL;DR: if an item is bouncing up and down on the ground, chances are high that it's not actually on the ground, but on a block directly above. You'll only be able to pick it up if you go to that block.

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