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Anvil won't chisel

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I think the recipe is defined as "any chisel + any anvil", and therefore loops through all those options in the handbook. However, upon actually trying to do it, the game also checks if the chisel has enough durability. Higher tier anvil consume more durability for breaking down, and so a copper chisel may not have enough, even when full. This check must happen at the moment of crafting, since it must catch any possible case, including partially damaged chisels. This cannot be shown in the handbook recipe preview.

Try using a higher tier chisel, and observe exactly how much durability the process consumes. Then compare that value to the maximum durability of the copper chisel.

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Indeed, the tin-bronze anvil used 1000 durability from my iron chisel, and the full copper chisel didn't have enough.

I was expecting any chisel to be consumed - I guess that got changed in some recent update.

It occurs to me that all those tool-in-crafting-grid handbook entries could have a bit of text stating the durability cost of the recipe.

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