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Custom barrel recipe problem


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Hi, i have a problem with custom barrel recipes for my blocks.

This is my recipe for block, and looks ok for me

  "code": "paintedplanks",
  "sealHours": 2,
  "ingredients": [
    { "type": "block", "code": "game:planks-*-hor", "quantity": 1 },
    { "type": "item", "code": "game:dye-*", "name": "color", "allowedVariants": ["blue", "red", "yellow", "green", "purple", "orange", "brown", "white"], "litres": 1, "consumeLitres": 1 }
  "output": { "type": "block", "code": "paintedplanks-plain-{color}-hor", "stackSize": 1 }


, but game, throw exception like this:

4.3.2022 13:15:41 [Error] Exception thrown during handling event OnSaveGameLoaded: System.ArgumentNullException: Wartość nie może być zerowa.
Nazwa parametru: key
   w System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullException(ExceptionArgument argument)
   w System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
   w Vintagestory.GameContent.BarrelRecipe.GetNameToCodeMapping(IWorldAccessor world)
   w Vintagestory.ServerMods.RecipeLoader.LoadGenericRecipe[T](String className, AssetLocation path, T recipe, Action`1 RegisterMethod, Int32& quantityRegistered, Int32& quantityIgnored)
   w Vintagestory.ServerMods.RecipeLoader.LoadRecipes[T](String name, String path, Action`1 RegisterMethod)
   w Vintagestory.ServerMods.RecipeLoader.OnSaveGameLoaded()
   w System.Action.Invoke()
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerEventManager.TriggerSaveGameLoaded()

I have installed only my own mod, others block and recipes works normally, so I no have idea what to do now.

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