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Italia Story (v1.7.4 / v1.7.5)


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Version 1.7.4, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

Thanks to the work of some lovely folk in our community the game now officially ships with italian translations. Some areas of the game do not have translation support just yet, but we are continuously working on improving that. If you want to help translate the game into your language, you are more than welcome to contribute on our translation center!

As always this version ships with the usual accumulation of bugfixes. Please note, version 1.7.4 does not let you connect to servers of version 1.7.3 or lower and may be a little less stable than 1.7.3.

[Update:] Had to release also v1.7.5 to fix issues with dedicated game servers.


Reduced shadowing issues on stairs besides walls0-ao-fixed.thumb.png.555e86a1d75ffea3611ba9281678aab8.png

New Interface tab to change language and some other extras. Try out floaty guis!

Game updates

  • Feature: Added new settings tab "Interface". Can now switch languages. Added italian translations.
  • Feature: Added auto show/hide chat hud. This hides the chat hud after 15 seconds of inactivity and shows it when a chat message arrives.
  • Feature: Added fox snow dive animation
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing changes
    • Increased velocity of shot arrows
    • Ore blasting bomb recipe reduced to 8 (from 10)
  • Tweak: Dropping items start out a little higher up, so they fall a little further now
  • Tweak: Logs now are placed in the direction of the targeted faces instead of the players viewing angle
  • Tweak: Increased charcoal pit size from 8 to 12 blocks max width/height/length
  • Tweak: Minimum dynamic lights now set to 1 instead of 0
  • Tweak: Speed up loading times for the mod manager.     
  • Fixed: Ambient Occlusion unprettiness on walls running alongside stairs blocks
  • Fixed: Quick hack to fix some cases where block sides and/or particles are black
  • Fixed: Sheets and Plates not re-meltable
  • Fixed: Mobs able to hit through thing walls 
  • Fixed: Animals spinning wildly upon spawn by worldgen
  • Fixed: /waypoint list showing wrong y-coord
  • Fixed: Floaty guis placed too far down o.o
  • Fixed: openal errors not logged to file
  • Fixed: Z-ordering issue in the main menu screens
  • Fixed: Not able to sell to the trader 
  • Fixed: Grass coverage growing on soil where it shouldn't
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash related to the quern
  • Fixed: Game crashing when breaking a tool rack that had a propick in it
  • Fixed: Might fix a crash in the compress chunks thread (serverside)
  • Fixed: Green particles from breaking barren soil
  • Fixed: Sparks and explosion fire from blasting bombs blue and not yellow
  • Maybe Fixed: Underwater sound still playing after player gets out of water
  • Fixed: Explosion particles wrong color and not visible 

API Updates

  • Feature: Add ITreeAttribute.GetOrAddTreeAttribute
  • Feature: Allow custom walk speed modifiers on agents
  • API Tweak: Made BETransient.CheckTransition public 
  • API Tweak: Added requiresFood property to entity multiply behavior
  • API Tweak: Added support for "smoother" sand<->soil transitions during worldgen
  • Fixed: Should fix various issues with loading source mods

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