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A couple of buildings and chiselling projects.


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Fully made in survival on Aura Fury :)


My first building using chiselling. Inspired/ripped off from Vivaldi's Bank in the Witcher 3.2021-06-11_12-05-28.thumb.png.30718a814d71eed0cbd7b78180821314.png

Wagon and barrel made by me. Barn in the background by Aledark and I.2021-08-07_20-40-59.thumb.png.a4f1cecfd4cee81c7215effadaf7c74f.png

Inspired by a building in the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC. Made by Aledark and I.


House/shopfront made by me.


The start of the castle. Sitting upon some work in progress custom cliffs.


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