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  1. Do you have it so time doesn't pass when no one is on the server? Got in a predicament with some Drifters (lol) and wanna know if I can wait out the night offline?
  2. Sweet, been looking for a new server to hope into, so I don't feel pressured on expanding faster than I need to or know how to. I'll jump in and check it out! EDIT Oh. Two mods have been updated and the server asks for the older versions of Better Drifters (now on 2.0.1) and Expanded Foods (1.3.8). I'll downgrade, but just thought you should know.
  3. Yay! Happy it worked, enjoy the mods!
  4. I have to put mods in the install directory where those files are located (essentials etc), not the one that opens when you click "Open Mods Folder", because that way never works for me. It's really strange. Have you tried that way yet? I've seen people say in game they needed to put them in BOTH folders for it to work, so that may help as well.
  5. So, is the best way to experience this mod to combine it with Acorns, Wild Farming and Primitive Survival? I want to make sure that I'm doing this all right. lol
  6. This is really late, but a few days after this post, we replaced our router+modem with a single device. I was sick of going in and out and disabling the settings for security reasons (yes, I know DMZ is a security problem but I was desperate lol). Once we got our new device, I explained to the IT what the problem was with the last two and what I was forced to do to allow port forwarding. He then switched it again and gave me one that did it off the bat automatically. No more fiddling with settings, DMZ or otherwise, as unfortunately nothing seemed to work. So it was a problem with our route
  7. This sounds cool, but I'm a little confused. Are you hosting the servers for people to use, or a service for buying officially endorsed servers?
  8. The Mod DB is awesome, and will be an incredible addition to the game! Thanks so much for all the awesome work, guys!
  9. I haven't been on in a while, work and stuff. Has the server been recently reset?
  10. Wait....you were doing all of this great work on a 2016 laptop?! Well! That makes this even more awesome, thanks for the patch!
  11. Random in what sense, as in when/how they happen or that it seems randomly put into the game? I think both would need some time because I'm pretty sure there's a story/lore behind it all.
  12. Why can't it be hyper realism because it has "monsters" and weird storms? I don't think its a good idea to conflate realism (elements) with non-fantasy/sci-fi.
  13. I know a few people who have developed games and releases on iOS. They have all said it was a nightmare, and that was before their recent anti-consumer changes. It's sad it came to this.
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