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  1. All the features sound amazing, but I'm really excited for the persistent world map.
  2. Suggestion. More basalt. Basalt everything. +1
  3. A work in progress for a lord's estate. I really love the basalt, obviously, so I wanted to majorly work in it. The drawbridge/gate mod by Rhonen was a huge help! :)
  4. This is just way too cool! My castles have always lacked the best part in my opinion--a draw bridge and a portcullis! Downloading this right now!
  5. I've decided to jump from Ubuntu LTS to Manjaro KDE Plasma. I loved the dark unity it comes pre-installed with, and the clean UI, and how everything just seems so much simpler and elegant. It has made things so much easier. The first few things I did was install games and prerequisites, and that included Vintage Story. I was amazed to see an AUR package! Very cool. Vintage Story Version: 1.12.14 Distro / Kernel release : Manjaro Linux / Kernel 5.4.35-1-MANJARO Mono / .NET package version : mono (6.4.0) Graphics driver version : amdgpu Works for client, mp server or both : -n/a- Installation method used : vintagestory AUR package Hacks (if needed) : None CPU: i7-8700k GPU: RX 570 4GB Average FPS: 60 Minimal FPS: 42 I'm going to test other drivers, but for now it runs smooth as butter. Still better than on Windows, too. I also tried downloading it myself and opening it with mono, and that works too. (just wish there was a way to keep FPS display up, rather than just in the pause menu. It would really help with tracking performance)
  6. I would buy it a second time if it were to release on GOG. It is my favorite platform, and I love the customer/gamer friendly vision they have there. They also have amazing support. If this ever gets to a point where the dev wants it on other stores, it would find a very happy home on GOG I think.
  7. I always struggle to find ores, somehow. This new feature is very much welcomed!
  8. It seems to be that it is a sandbox survival game. The quests are what you make yourself. Now it can remain a sandbox survival with an end goal (perhaps a temporal world you tp to to solve something or maybe just learn more background info) such as Warband is a sandbox and does have an end goal (even quests), but as it stands now, I don't think the intention is to turn it into an open-world RPG survival game with quest lines.
  9. Dynamic Shadows is just shadows right? Or do we turn off Dynamic lights? Can't find anything under "dynamic shadows" specifically.
  10. This is so cool! I can't wait to download it and hop in!
  11. I honestly don't know where I'd be (lol) without this mod. Thank you for keeping it up to date!
  12. I'm sorry, but this is quite a hilarious bug.
  13. The silver armor looks super dope!
  14. I just love seeing patches and updates for this game! As always, thanks!
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