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  1. I'm astonished. Another update. Thanks!
  2. Seriously, I love this mod. I don't think I could survive without my Waypoints.
  3. Yes, I agree. When I first got the game and generated a few worlds and after seeing the world generation in game, going back to Minecraft is a vast downgrade. It is just better, and overall prettier, and I enjoyed traversing the world far, far more. The only thing the game needs to right now in my opinion is villages and villagers.
  4. Slower start than Minecraft, but well worth it. You get what feels like a greater reward for your work, and the effort of maintaining your stuff is more interesting (I have a lot of fun crafting my tools haha). As for the combat itself, it feels a lot like Minecraft in its basic forms, maybe a bit more refined in my opinion. There are some threats to keep watch out for as previously mentioned by another, especially in the start. And that is the wolves. They can kill you fast, in about 2 hits. Don't stay out at night unprepared. (I play only singleplayer by the way, and I enjoy it a lot.)
  5. Getting a new update now but I'm also already excited for the next one. :)
  6. Okay then, well the beds and stuff definitely were bugged. Well alright then I will try the 1.9.9 update. The .json edits is beyond me and I accept bugs in an early access game. I've had immense fun in the game so far so it means nothing to be to bump into bugs here and now. Plus starting over just means I know more at the beginning to get it done faster anyhow. Thanks for all of the help guys!
  7. Ah, so the chests (not boxes?) aren't actually able to be picked up without editing a .json file? Okay that'd explain it then. What about the bed and other items, same for them too? They weren't dropping as items either when I broke them. Disregarding the loot vessels thing of course, because I'm certain it is a bug. Back in 1.9.6 when I started I found some and they worked just fine. Oh, and to answer your question, I was on v1.9.7-rc.1 using a save from 1.9.6. Since the room's loot is already broken and redoing my seed doesn't generate the dungeon just the empty cave, I'll just start a new save anyhow on the latest update. The loot vessels aren't dropping anything for me outside of that dungeon now either.
  8. Well I regenerated the world, same seed and height (and name), and got back there. The cave is exactly the same, only the room was not generated into the cave, so it is empty. So I can't retest the items on a new save. I'll look for another dungeon room thing on the save that is having the problem and see if it persists.
  9. I broke 1 of the vessels, it simply broke. Nothing came of it. And yea, there were chests there, I broke them trying to collect them. Its that they don't drop as an item. My main goal was to take some of the storage containers for my home because I'm tight on space. When I tried to pick up the intact chest, it simply shattered. I tried another intact chest this time with a copper pickaxe, it shattered. I tried again with an axe, and it shattered too. (basically my problem is this: the loot vessels are empty & I can't pick up any of the resources there so I can take it with me back to my base. I wasted the only chests there trying to pick them up.)
  10. Well for some reason the forum doesn't allow me to edit my post (it was only 10ms ago?), but here's a screenshot of the room I found that I can't break anything in. After I broke 2 chests and didn't get anything, I quit and made a backup of the save so that I wouldn't lose anymore stuff. Info: Only mod used was Waypoints + my save was carried over from 1.9.6.
  11. It wasn't a trader wagon, unless they don't always occupy them and they aren't always a wagon (and the message can bug out?). I was mining in a cave when I came across a room made made of the stone the temples are made of. Inside there was a bed, tons of chests (broken looking or new) and loot containers. I also wasn't getting the messages that the area was claimed, and I was on singleplayer. And sure, I'll try and go back to the place and get a screenshot.
  12. Hello and thanks for the replies! Oh, well the prospecting pick certainly sounds useful to avoid dead ends! lol The video is very helpful too, thank you for pointing this out to me. I would have spent hours wandering around, getting lost, looking for ore otherwise. I've actually spent time picking up loose copper bits to make the pick (and then some), so that's what I'll do when I log in. As for the storage boxes breaking, I was on v1.9.7-rc.1, using a save from 1.9.6. I tried just about everything in the room, the bed and tables included, and they just broke. Are saves not supposed to be carried over from older versions? I'll test a new world on v1.9.7-rc.1 and find a dungeon (?) to see if I can break the stuff. There were chests that were dilapidated and, as I could tell, fine. I tried them all. And there were tables and beds and other things in the place that wouldn't break. The only thing I didn't try was the cobble floor and the loot boxes because I didn't want to waste them either, in case it was a bug. I didn't know about shift-H. I'll try it out.
  13. Hello, I really like the game so far, spent 10 hours already in the world learning what I could and exploring. I also followed the guide link from the game to the wiki to read it and started learning about clay and smithing, but there are things I was wondering about that I can't seem to find answers for. Now hopefully I'll make sense here, but I might not so if that's the case I'll rephrase myself. 1. Is there a basics guide somewhere, for getting started beyond the one on the wiki? I'm having trouble finding certain ores/resources and figuring things out not on the wiki. Yup. I'm the newb that had trouble adjusting to Minecraft. haha 2. Can I pick up non-claimed "loot" on the world map? For example, I've found temples and what appears to be abandoned houses with boxes and storage units that I could really use, and I've tried breaking them with various tools, but they don't drop, they simply break. Is this not possible to do? That's really it for now, just a newb with some questions on getting started beyond flint/copper tools and eating berries for the rest of my life. If anyone could point me in the right direction if they got the answers, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks~
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