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  1. All the features sound amazing, but I'm really excited for the persistent world map.
  2. Suggestion. More basalt. Basalt everything. +1
  3. A work in progress for a lord's estate. I really love the basalt, obviously, so I wanted to majorly work in it. The drawbridge/gate mod by Rhonen was a huge help! :)
  4. This is just way too cool! My castles have always lacked the best part in my opinion--a draw bridge and a portcullis! Downloading this right now!
  5. I've decided to jump from Ubuntu LTS to Manjaro KDE Plasma. I loved the dark unity it comes pre-installed with, and the clean UI, and how everything just seems so much simpler and elegant. It has made things so much easier. The first few things I did was install games and prerequisites, and that included Vintage Story. I was amazed to see an AUR package! Very cool. Vintage Story Version: 1.12.14 Distro / Kernel release : Manjaro Linux / Kernel 5.4.35-1-MANJARO Mono / .NET package version : mono (6.4.0) Graphics driver version : amdgpu Works for client, mp server or both : -n/a- Installation method used : vintagestory AUR package Hacks (if needed) : None CPU: i7-8700k GPU: RX 570 4GB Average FPS: 60 Minimal FPS: 42 I'm going to test other drivers, but for now it runs smooth as butter. Still better than on Windows, too. I also tried downloading it myself and opening it with mono, and that works too. (just wish there was a way to keep FPS display up, rather than just in the pause menu. It would really help with tracking performance)
  6. I would buy it a second time if it were to release on GOG. It is my favorite platform, and I love the customer/gamer friendly vision they have there. They also have amazing support. If this ever gets to a point where the dev wants it on other stores, it would find a very happy home on GOG I think.
  7. I always struggle to find ores, somehow. This new feature is very much welcomed!
  8. It seems to be that it is a sandbox survival game. The quests are what you make yourself. Now it can remain a sandbox survival with an end goal (perhaps a temporal world you tp to to solve something or maybe just learn more background info) such as Warband is a sandbox and does have an end goal (even quests), but as it stands now, I don't think the intention is to turn it into an open-world RPG survival game with quest lines.
  9. Dynamic Shadows is just shadows right? Or do we turn off Dynamic lights? Can't find anything under "dynamic shadows" specifically.
  10. This is so cool! I can't wait to download it and hop in!
  11. I honestly don't know where I'd be (lol) without this mod. Thank you for keeping it up to date!
  12. I'm sorry, but this is quite a hilarious bug.
  13. The silver armor looks super dope!
  14. I just love seeing patches and updates for this game! As always, thanks!
  15. Alright! Thanks for the patch and all of your hard work, downloading it now! EDIT Wait, which would offer more features, v1.11.0 or v1.11.0-rc.6? RC.6 right? I ask because it seems like the content/fixes from the RC were implemented into v.1.11.0. If not, I'm just a bit confused.
  16. Hello, Yep, after logging in and reopening the game, I was able to successfully create/load a game!
  17. Hello, Vintage Story crashes on loading a game or starting a new game on the build 1.11.0-pre.1, fresh install and all. Here's the bug report: Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Version: v1.11.0-pre.1 (Unstable)10/17/2019 4:11:51 PM: Critical error occurred System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException() at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at _624FDYVb78ey0YrRqdjupKxfKN1._8tq1HjSaVhZfgc6RYvdULjEJPpD() at _uwgd3IuU6iiHE2rvvsYnqTnqLip._gFc3qz6uUVLCDqvAqbZJyOMEqnm() at _wz8OrK2OPgYVOfLrFgSKJJ4BHic._gFc3qz6uUVLCDqvAqbZJyOMEqnm(Boolean , StartServerArgs , _SF7FHs4VQltTnqPzyTVOoW6u4QG ) at _g1uqRXn9dSIlyLoOZKT9jyj05IE._2kuUqcoXcg0BTUo8PjbuVUN6Irq(Boolean , StartServerArgs , _SF7FHs4VQltTnqPzyTVOoW6u4QG ) at _0z3oi4Djlw37hXjArcpYlfhDJrG._7GjIjWjp0OPvEtqhvImg7iE97KG() at _0z3oi4Djlw37hXjArcpYlfhDJrG._AMXWDDcUPLckDaxQtqdRMfjq1Xe() at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElementTextButton.OnMouseUpOnElement(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElement.OnMouseUp(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElementTextButton.OnMouseUp(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiComposer.OnMouseUp(MouseEvent mouse) at _adEnjvwadqg2D5J1rhuluumPnho._JgBhjBNl9dA76ZlIeHi3m04uCWI(MouseEvent ) at _T12AQJ6V1de9KapVNJ8itUj2tXC._AucBPB0558RcGwkcWlNdwWh9ASA(Object , MouseButtonEventArgs ) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinGLNative.WindowProcedure(IntPtr handle, WindowMessage message, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam) at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.Functions.DispatchMessage(MSG& msg) at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinGLNative.ProcessEvents() at OpenTK.GameWindow.Run(Double updates_per_second, Double frames_per_second) at _im6gisG2QtKuvIMuCDHk6tL62Jf._gFc3qz6uUVLCDqvAqbZJyOMEqnm(_TvDiP5U7Mhmj2zHnPadd3cuqvBO , String[] ) at _kRycqTRc9rkCEXmOPR47E1igMoP._gFc3qz6uUVLCDqvAqbZJyOMEqnm(ThreadStart ) -------------------------------
  18. This is a massive update! Holy cow! As someone who really, really loves maps, I'm really digging the new world map generation. It looks so good! Also the beaches are going to be so nice to find in the world. And I really appreciate the generation options and difficulty settings being made available to us. Gonna download it now!
  19. Downloading it now! Thank you for the update!
  20. Yes, I agree. Very bad luck indeed. I've generated so many worlds after 3-4 hours of searching each, after the last patch it has become difficult for sure. The panning has made it much easier at the start, so I was wondering if maybe the OP was experiencing the same thing as I was and suggested what I have done to get around it. And yea, not really a good idea to look for mines without a pickaxe, but I like to make waypoints to them for later and usually you can find copper nuggets around them if you find 'em (though I make my first pickaxe very fast). Hopefully though OP has an easier time either way.
  21. They used to be a lot easier to find, in my experience, where you could almost always run into tons of copper nuggets on the surface. Now though I agree with redram's suggestions, the easiest way I have found early on, even over finding surface nuggets (which seem to be very rare now) is panning. It takes a bit of time, but is faster and you get quite a bit of other things with it, too. Then just stand in water and start panning. In about 15 minutes I had 21 nuggets, enough to make 1 pickaxe, plus some other stuff. Before I decided to just go for the pan, I had traveled for 2 hours looking for caves and surface copper veins, as well as nuggets, and found only 3 nuggets and no caves with copper. Hopefully this helps!
  22. I really appreciate how dangerous the animals are. I can get frustrated with it sometimes, especially if I just walked so far away from base or spawn, but I always remember that if they weren't hard to fight, there would be no reward in killing them and I'd get disinterested in going after them altogether. I do agree there seems to be something with the animals though, but I think it has to do with their hitboxes rather than what it takes to kill them. It is harder to register hitting them but much, much easier for them to register hitting you, so they are far more accurate in clobbering you to death or, in the case of the boar--running you through Robert Baratheon style. What I've learned to do with rams, which group and attack together, is to carry at least three spears. Throw, run ahead, throw, run ahead throw, circle around (while being charged) recollect spears and keeping going until they are dead. Another way of fighting them is to pillar up and stab or throw, but for the later you'd need to go down and recollect if they don't die by the time you are out. You can apply this to boars as well. For wolves, I would suggest pillaring for sure, especially if you get caught out at night, or try to run it into a hole someplace and then just pelt it with spears and rocks as DrTenabrae said. They hit hard but they go down really fast.
  23. No need to apologize at all. The patches mean you care enough to make sure the product is running smooth when you realize there is an issue. I'm personally very happy to see them.
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