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  1. This sounds cool, but I'm a little confused. Are you hosting the servers for people to use, or a service for buying officially endorsed servers?
  2. The Mod DB is awesome, and will be an incredible addition to the game! Thanks so much for all the awesome work, guys!
  3. I haven't been on in a while, work and stuff. Has the server been recently reset?
  4. Wait....you were doing all of this great work on a 2016 laptop?! Well! That makes this even more awesome, thanks for the patch!
  5. Random in what sense, as in when/how they happen or that it seems randomly put into the game? I think both would need some time because I'm pretty sure there's a story/lore behind it all.
  6. Why can't it be hyper realism because it has "monsters" and weird storms? I don't think its a good idea to conflate realism (elements) with non-fantasy/sci-fi.
  7. I know a few people who have developed games and releases on iOS. They have all said it was a nightmare, and that was before their recent anti-consumer changes. It's sad it came to this.
  8. Hello, So my friends do not want to use Hamachi because it is suspect, so I've been trying to set it up to run off my PC instead. It seems to be successful "in some measure" because it says when I hover of the IP it displays: Not being sure what that meant, I had my friends try anyhow. They constantly disconnect/timeout. I've checked my Windows firewall, it is allowing every single Vintage Story exe and even the folder. Now I checked, and my routers/modem seemingly has Upnp enabled, and there are options on both for port forwarding. But nothing works. I think I might just be sc
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