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Trailer and MacOS hotfix thing (v1.7.6 / v1.7.7 / v1.7.8)


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Version 1.7.6, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

This version should fix a number of uncommon crashes and hopefully fix the missing grid for knapping and clay form on MacOS. It also improves the multiplayer experience in various ways. Please note, for multiplayer both sides need to be on v1.7.6 as this version is not backwards compatible, networking wise. 

[Edit:] Released v1.7.7 to fix players getting kicked from SMP servers when trying to open the worldmap

[Edit2:] Released v1.7.8 to fix crafting recipes all wonky and broken -_-

In other news Saraty and me are hard at work on a new trailer that includes all the recent additions, as our current trailer is sorely outdated by now. You won't believe how much time doing just that really takes :D
Some >30% of the time I spent fixing bugs and smoothing out rough edges so that they do not show up in the trailer, which allowed us to do multiplayer scenes with cinematic camera flyovers that look good. We're over half way done by now and its shaping up to be a great trailer. Can't wait to share it with everyone. Here's some semi-related screenshots 

Something went awry...

Locusts in the pitch black cave

Tired after a long day of recording ^_^


Game updates

  • Feature: Locusts now emit light when aggro-ed
  • Tweak: Added ability to do block/item png export for all blocks/items (not just the ones listed in the creative inventory)
  • Tweak: Reduced memory usage by about 20mb
  • Tweak: Creatures are fairly heavy on the network, now reduced their network load by about 25%
  • Tweak: Eating now also spawns particles for other players
  • Tweak: Changes to reduce Creature/Player rubber banding in singleplayer
  • Tweak: Improved motion interpolation of creatures and other players. Also they no longer jitter while moving
  • Tweak: Added command /entity remove as an alias to /entity removebytpe
  • Tweak: Improved the cinematic camera system: Fixed jitteriness while recording. Can now teleport to points via .cam goto pointnumber and update points via .cam up pointnumber  (pointnumber being the n-th added point, starting from 0)
  • Tweak: Lit forges now smoke a little
  • Fixed: Eggs not contributing saturation to meals
  • Fixed: Multiplayer glitch where one player can control another players current hotbar slot
  • Fixed: One crash and other issues related to the /group commands
  • Fixed: Crafted wooden chests not stacking with picked up chests
  • Fixed: Rare race condition crash after teleporting
  • Fixed: Might fix a very rare client side crash. And maybe even optimize networking a little.
  • Fixed: Firepit not updating its model when contents changed for other players
  • Fixed: Straw dummy could be picked up with sneak + left click (should only be possible with right click)
  • Fixed: Cinematic camera path invisible
  • Fixed: Game crashing on macos when joining a lan game
  • Fixed: Black screen when failing to join a multiplayer server
  • Fixed: Cinematic camera very jittery
  • Fixed: Multiplayer bug where one person controlled the hotbar slot of another player and had cloned client side hotbar slots items
  • Fixed: Picking up and placing items not updating held item for other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Rare server crash
  • Fixed: All kinds of wireframes probably (?) broken on macos
  • Fixed: Other players body not quite facing running direction
  • Fixed: /we mcopy also copied players, now ignored
  • Fixed: Should fix some adjacent chunks turning invisible in some cases when occlusion culling is enabled
  • Fixed: In memory chunk compression basically not working at all >.>
  • Fixed: Distant creatures/players not correctly illuminated by dynamic lights
  • Fixed: Hefty fly agaric meal not damaging by 30 hp (instead only 10hp)
  • Fixed: Worldmap memory leak
  • Fixed: Should fix players able to ignite fire in land claimed areas
  • Fixed: Firepit spits where there shouldn't be
  • Fixed: Maaaybe fixed knapping surfaces sometimes invisible
  • Fixed: Should fix game sometimes crashing when trying to smith something
  • Fixed: Wrong tool tip for work items + not smelting back into ingots when put into the crucible

Mod API Updates

  • Feature: Added BlockBehavior.OnBlockPlaced
  • Fixed: Certain recipe variants crashing the game
  • Fixed: Folder mods not shown in the mod manager
  • Fixed: The Creature grow behavior no longer crashes when an invalid adult entity code was supplied, instead it logs an error now

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