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its a wild world out there son!

Alessandro De Col

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ok myabe somebody else already suggested, or maybe is already suppose to be IN the game, but i did not see it since now, but i cant tell if cause is not implemented...or because my machine suck so bad that do not make the game work properly so.. i just leave this here:


how about a game mechanic that makes all the fauna and flora interact to each others? for istance we have chicken and foxes! how about fox try to steal chiken from the player enclosure? or maybe wolfs can start attacking goat time to time instead of only the players (nerf wolf damage btw) and the goat suppose to fight back!

some other games have this kind of mechaninc, i'm not suggesting anything original here i know.

maybe we can have quick sands and the player can bait hostilòe aimals/and monsters into it.

carnivore plants can be a danger for our bees or an helpfull defense against a locust nest to close to the surface...just sayng the first thing at the top of my head.

maybe the player can make things happen, or they can happen on theyr own. wolves and wild boar can naturally meet and fight each others for territory supremacy. 


you get the idea (not to mentions stuff like heavt rain, tornado and such)

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On 10/29/2018 at 12:37 AM, Exscorbizorb said:

wolves do already kill other animals.

NOT in MY game O_Oi swear!, i was observing them, they peacifull cooexist with all the sourronding animals. 

the only times i saw an animal die is when i chicken run off a cliff to avoid me. (drifers do it too..but is FUNNY when they do it)

On 10/29/2018 at 9:46 AM, Olinoob Snail said:

I like the idea of carnivorous plants though :D And flies maybe?

SURE, we just have bees, insects (locusts are monsters) are abig..BIG part of a world. also catch some of them and use as fishing bait (WHEN fishing and FISH will be implemented..IF they gonna be)

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