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Epic bloom (v0.9.p6)


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Bloomy Vintarians!
Fanciness increased to Level 2

v0.9 Pre-Release 6 is now online for all owners of a game key

Yesterday I spent the major part of the day implementing a shader bloom effect and even got it all working by evening. What an impressive effect, it makes everything so pretty *_*
However if bloom is not your cup of tea you can reduce or disable it easily in the graphics setttings.

Let's have a look at the full list of...


  • Bloom Shader effect
    • Added a glowiness level to particles and individual element faces of blocks to make them glow. Freely configurable for all blocks as always. Should allow for some epic Tron-Style Mods :D
    • Updated the VS Model Creator to allow entering of glow levels for each block element face
    • Added a switch in the graphics settings to enable/disable bloom calculations for performance. It's not very hard on the graphics card though. My cranky old GT 630M card gives me 53 FPS with bloom and 60 FPS without.
    • Added a slider in the gfx settings to set the ambient bloom between 0% and 200% 
  • Worldgen
    • Doubled the size of the climate map, which results in the emerging biomes now being twice the size 
    • We finally have Deserts. I found the bug that prevented them from generating.
    • Saguaro Cacti are now generating in deserts. Also the cactus has an occasional flower now
    • Fixed Trees generating in the wrong climate
  • Added rotated logs
  • Changing the GUI Scale in the graphics settings is now much faster 
  • The game installer now offers to uninstall the game in order to prevent old files messing up the game somehow
  • Strafing while running now half as fast
  • Changed grass blending (now more smooth over distance)
  • Leaves and Branchy leaves blocks are now tinted by the climated. The branches are now a cross model inside the branchy leaves block.


  • Fixed a client crash during game startup for some people
  • Probably fixed an old and rare client crash (that showed the message "Chunk has no data?").
    With that, all crashes known to me should be fixed \o/
  • Fixed massive gpu memory leak because I forgot to enable 3 lines of code after testing something >.<
  • Probably fixed certain mouse wheels jumping 2 hotbar slots
  • Probably fixed all scrollbars moving slower than the mouse for some people
  • Fixed pressing inventory key not closing an opened inventory
  • Fixed some flower stem graphics too dark
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks in some of the GUI elements
  • Multiplayer
    • Fixed player no longer able to move around on the second time joining a multiplayer server
    • Fixed Teleport not working in multiplayer
    • Fixed one more instance of the game crashing instead of showing the disconnected screen


2016-09-05_17-58-17.png 2016-09-05_19-49-24.png  2016-09-06_20-30-57.png

2016-09-06_22-04-51.png 2016-09-07_09-29-42.png 2016-09-07_09-30-32.png

2016-09-06_23-42-41.png 2016-09-06_23-44-21.png 2016-09-07_10-03-19.png

2016-09-07_10-07-14.png 2016-09-07_17-54-44.png 2016-09-07_18-02-15.png


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