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(Work In Progress)Arrange with mod developers to add their mods


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Arrange with mod developers to add their mods to the game itself or implement similar things, thereby speeding up the development of the game.
1: It speed up game development.
2: More heads, more ideas and more free hands. Thus, you can do more complex things in terms of the engine and world generation.
3: More content for players.
4: More building blocks for builders.

List of mods that can be added:
1] More Crops - Potato, Yam, Cauliflower, Corn, Beet, Eggplant, Jalapeño.
2] Wildcraft -  New Plants(40+), new poultices and better poison mechanics.
3] Ancient Tools & Debarked Logs - Good ideas for new instrument Adze for debarked log(Maybe add craft board use Adze),
Debarked log - For building or collect Bark for tanning. For example, you get 2 item's: bark for tanning(Bark needs more compared than logs: 2 bark log VS 1 log) and debarked log for coal.
4] More Animals  - 3 wild bird: 2 Pheasants, Capercaillies.
5] Honey Press & Wood Fruit Presses.
6] Expanded Liquid Containers - Add more liquid containers.
7] Fix Roads.Removes protruding textures under the road
8] Acorns - Food from Acorn.
9] More Variants - More block options needed.
10] Rainbow Roads - More building blocks. More road color good for decoration.
11] Flint and Steel - Firestarter→Torch→Flint and Steel
Add more fast fire create: Flint and Steel/Pyrite and Flint→Ferrocerium and Steel
12] Single Player Handbook Pause  - It is extremely useful for beginners, you can also add a button that would turn off this pause.
13] ZEEkea - Add cupboards and cabinets an alternative to chests.
YABBA Glass Chapter - Chisel Glass. Also add No border Glass.
15] Multiblock Crates.
16] Sortable Storage.
17] Lumberjacks.
Surface Translocators.
19] VS Launcher - Make it possible to disable groups of mods at once,
Paints - Block painting. More building blocks.
Ruin Variants - Ruins will take materials from the environment. Thus, there will be only granite dungeons.
Plaster Variants. - More building blocks.
23] CarryCapacity - Ability to drag block. Add 10-80% speed debuff on the character, depending on the weight of the object being carried. Aslo add to Carry "Body".
Stone Quarry - With the current mining of blocks of stone, I lose +50% of the stone turning it into cobblestone, but with this mining, about 5-10% is lost and requires more tools.
24] Trade-o-mat - It gives you the opportunity to sell your items offline, which encourages the creation of villages, cities and markets.
25] More Survival Categories.
26] Cave Paintings.
Fancy Doors - Add "Door/Trapdoor frame" for create Chisel and custom door's.Also make horizontal doors to make bridges.
For Chisel Door/trapdoor should have several types of opening them: Standard "Swing Door", Folding, Sliding(Right/Left and Up/Down).
Add the ability to move the doorway and, for example, instead of the edge, make it in the center of the block (I would make 4/8 positions on the block where the door can be located)

28] Workbench expansion. - Copying chisel blocks and Scaffolding.
Medieval expansion - Portcullis, Drawbridges, Gates, Lampposts, Firebrazier(Add an ever-burning brazier for the fire as a counterpart to the torch holder.).
Waterwheel in this mod it is worse than a windmill and needs to be constantly repaired. I would slightly reduce the cost of repairs and improve its efficiency.
30] From Golden Combs - Make it an analogue of beekeeping in the Forestry mod for Minecraft, but it can complicate it a bit and also make it extremely variable.

31] VS Village:
Idea for this mode of you add this to game:
You can try to make like a Minecraft mod "Millenaire".
1) Types Village's:
I would make 3 types of settlements:
1: Generated Settlement- These settlements do not expand in breadth without the participation of the player, with the exception that buildings have several levels and can change within the boundaries of their generation.
In the event of the death of all the villager from player, the settlement loses private.
The player can get this settlement and begin to expand it himself after receiving a certain level of trust of the villagers(Trade, Gift's, Quest).
Bandit Camp - Generation of settlements, camps and groups of bandits. These settlements create events and generate bandits and people hostile to the player.
You can also take over a bandit settlement and make it a normal settlement, or continue to terrorize other settlements.

Bandist settlements bring more expensive resources such as: Rusted Gears, Gems and Precious Metals. But the inhabitants of bandit settlements bring less profit and produce fewer resources than other settlements, and those in turn sell them for more and more, often become the target of attacks by normal settlements.
2: Settlement made by player - This settlement cannot expand in any way without the participation of the player who built it or the one who took control of them.
3: Abandoned Settlement - These settlements do not have a population or it is wild people. You can try to restore it which will attract new villagers and they can restore it and make "Settlement &  in the open world".

2) Systems related to villagers:
0: Villagers
1 Villagers demand constant leadership/guidance - Villagers without the constant guidance of the player lose efficiency and begin to work only for themselves. Thus, they will produce food and that encourages players to be constantly online and manage the settlement.
Each villager can have several small skills and one large one, and depending on the development of the settlement and the random generation of the character, he may have more of their skills. If a villager performs inappropriate work, then he receives quite large penalties to its speed and resources.

1: Caravans - The first time you have to establish a route between your settlement and the final point of the caravan.
The first caravan that you send will follow you and calculate how long it will take you to get to the final point and then back. Having calculated the travel time of the caravan, it will already go there without you. In the future, you can always optimize the path of the caravan by making roads or simply come to that point by a different route. If your path contains several points and stops, you can send a caravan to them.
Caravan requires: At least one villager, A certain amount of food to travel (Excludes less than 12 hours on foot or for example the villager has foraging or hunting skills), Target required (For example: Trade/Exchange, Exploration, Animal Hunt, and Bandit Hunt)

2: Working villagers

Extraction of Resources - Resource extraction is divided into several types.1 with block destruction but get 100% resources or no block destruction but only get a few resources for a long time without destroying the location.
Automation with Villagers - With the help of villagers, you can automate processes, for example:
Forging Metals(Instead of an automatic hammer or together with it), animal husbandry, Fishing, Cooking, Harvest and remove weeds, Extraction of trees and stones, Clear Area.
Trade - They can sell your resources

3: Villagers can create tasks/quest for players.
Example tasks:Kill angry
predators(Wolf, Bear, Hyena) within a radius of 2000-4000blocks, Kill Drifter within a radius of 100-300blocks, Bring item, Bring package to another settlement, Talk to another NPC in another settlement, Scout the area, Kill Bandit or Destroy Bandit Camp in area(Coordinates).
Awards: Treasure coordinates(They cannot be found without cheats or bugs)

3) - How the settlement is generated and built and also changes:
1: Settlement type: Town, Fort/Castle, Village, Trading post(
Current trader's), Camp(2 type:Tents or Wagon).
2: Type faction, Name +
Slaver(Sell Villager and other People), Smugglers(Sell rare item's), Thieves, Robbers(Standart bandit).
Village: 0 Settlement; 1 Farm subtype: Food, Textile(Cotton, Linen, Wool); 2 Animal husbandry(Specializes in one type of animal and several additional ones.);
Culture of the settlement and the style of buildings and people.
Building materials. What would be made from materials in the nearest biomes.
Preferred materials depend on the culture. For example, some will use clay instead of stone.
It is also possible to program the color palette of the materials they would prefer to use(To avoid ugly settlements.).
5: Settlement development level - Tribe(Tent, wood 
shacks/hut, Clay, Hay, Bamboo), (Cobblestone, Wood/Log house, Dugouts)
Settlement wealth level - Different decorations and so on depend on his level.
7: Abandonment/dilapidation level - The higher it is, the more lichens, mosses and other things in the settlement.
Also, buildings may have holes or there will be boards instead of windows.
8: Position of building sites + size private protection - Depending on the development of the settlement, buildings can be rebuilt or changed.
For example: Settlement was originally "tribal", but the player developed it to the "city" and after that the buildings(tent or other primitive house) on the sites were replaced with those suitable for his level of development.
Some types of settlements do not change in any way. For example, a Fortress or Castle only changes the NPC in it.
9: And only at the end, after the generation of the settlement, NPCs will appear in it or after the player visits this settlement, thereby not loading the server.

4) A-life:

In the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. there is NPC life outside of the player's render, and it happens through simple calculations.
She did pretty well in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, namely in the Faction War, when offline events took place at another location, namely: Moving units between points on a location or moving to another location, Protection from Mutants/NPC, attacks on camps NPC/lairs Mutants. It is also shown well in the modifications for the global mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
Take the approximate concept of these actions to perform the tasks of the NPC so as not to load the player's PC and limit the places where the players have recently been.
For example: When sending caravan, he will go offline to his destination and he can be attacked by bandits or he will hunt or do something else. After the end of the caravan, he will simply be teleported to his place.

Menu for groups & privates. Also system for Guilds/Clans/Kingdoms.

Make 2 types of privates: Private and Public.
Public - Other player can't break blocks (Excluding grass, sticks, stone, generated rock and ores. Breaking Rocks and Ores is so that you can dig mines or protect a few blocks from the surface), you can't place blocks, you can use chests and fires and pick berries/fruit from the bushes/tree, and other small activities. Private - The current type of private where most of the actions can be done by the owner of the private.

Make a price system for privates, for example, you can make a giant "Public" or medium/small "Private" or make a large "Public" and make several small "Private" privates in it.
Make a system of Parent and Child privates. -

Make a system of guilds/clans/kingdoms for players. Also add a heraldry system and the ability to create flags and tabards with this heraldry.

Other me Ideas:
May 26, 2020(26.05.2020) - Big Packideas from Cherry_Brendon.
November 23, 2020(23.11.2020) - Selective breeding for Plant/Bush/Tree/Flower/Mushrooms.
November 23, 2020(23.11.2020) - Quartz & New Block & Rock.
November 24, 2021(24.11.2021) - Character create / New Race / Class / Battle System / Techno-Magic.

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While I personally would love to give any/ all of my mods to the devs to let them be integrated into the main game, I see a couple of problems here:

  1. Not every mod-author might want to gift his mod to the game, yet alone for free. Some might want to have some form of compensation for their work if they surrender everything they programmed for the last couple of months to the devs. 
  2. A lot of mods are still in active development. Once they are integrated into the main game, it becomes a lot harder for the original modder to effectively contribute to them.
  3. Some mods are not optimized enough and might break performance for low end systems, or maybe they are written in a complicated way that is hard to understand/debug.
  4. While the mods you listed might create the perfect game for you, this is not nessecarily the case for the devs, too. I am pretty sure that Tyron has a very concrete plan on what he wants Vintage Story (not) to be. A lot of mods probably add features he might not want to be integrated into the game, or he wants to implemented them in another way then the mod author. Maybe he simply sees other features as more critical right now.
  5. The amount of people testing mods is usually a lot smaller than the amount of people testing the main game. Once the mods are integrated, they are open to a wider audience and a lot more errors might surface.

That being said, there might also be a lot of mods that add content that Tyron wants to implement too. Maybe he will reach out to some of the modders in the future to integrate stuff. I think said somewhere that he isn´t opposed to integrating mods into the main game if they fit his vision of it, but I can not find where he talked about it right now.

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