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"Stabler-er-er" UX Update Hotfix (v1.8.4)


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My fellow dedicated Vintarians,
version 1.8.4, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

In this version I ended up heavily tweaking the color, brightness,contrast and blending of the games ambient, fog and cloud system, as it was still not quite the way I envisioned. It may very well be that some colors are thrown out of balance again, please do let me know if that occurs to you. Other than that I do hope that particularly the blending of far terrain and fog is notably improved as well as the blending of fog against the sky. The fog near the horizon no longer follows a flat line but is wavy and in motion, albeit very subtly (see below screenshot). Let's see how that feels during gameplay.

Version 1.8.4 should also be the first version that finally works for MacOS, sorry about that >.>

As always, your feedback and bug reports are invaluable to the development of the game, thank you so much for your continuous diligence in playing and testing the Vintage Story ❤️

[Edit:] Uploaded v1.8.5 to fix a server startup issue.


Game updates

  • Feature: ModMaker.exe now ships with the game. This small tool detects any .json file that you may have modified in your assets folder and creates a mod from those changes. This way, if you install an update of VS, those changes are not lost. 
  • Tweak: Tweaked color, contrast, brightness, etc. for the ingame fog, sky, ambient and cloud system
  • Fixed: MacOS version still crashing -_-
  • Fixed: Water ambient not applied when inside underwater reeds or seaweed
  • Fixed: Vertical scrolling in the handbook not working correctly
  • Fixed: Some non-standard GUI scale issues. Particularly the settings screen should behave nicer at different gui scales.
  • Fixed: A client thread crash did not exit the game as it should

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