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Topsoil Sides and Godrays (v0.9.p7)


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Crepuscular Vintarians!
Another epic graphics update 

v0.9 Pre-Release 7 is now online for all owners of a game key

If you see no big news from Vintage Story in the coming two weeks, don't worry, I'm probably still alive ;-)
I will be having a voluntary period of low activity and instead spend some more time with my family.

In any case, here are todays...

Updates / Tweaks

  • Added a god rays shader pass to create beautiful light shafts during daytime. Elegantly attenuates when looking away from the sun and with some extra intensity boost during dawn and dusk. 
    I would actually like to see them also when looking away from the sun, during the nights and have it more constrained to very bright light sources, but it would require more shader tech and tweaking, so that'll be for another time.
  • Added a rather hackish solution so that the grassy sides of the topsoil blocks are only climate tinted. This restores the classic brown on dirt blocks - something our lead artist has been impatiently awaiting for months ;-)
  • Allow jump while sneaking
  • Bloom tweaks: Lava and ember blocks now glow as well. Added a block-wide glow level. Glowing elements no longer so intensely bright during daytime.
  • Added some more documentation to the server API
  • Mushrooms, Torches and Firepits a bit larger in the inventory. Torch glow particles decrease in size over time.


  • The 4 backpack slots can no longer non-backpack items (backpacks don't exist yet though)
  • Fixed clouds no longer visible
  • Fixed game speed not saved with world
  • Fixed several issues with shaders for certain players which resulted in a black screen when a game was running


  2016-09-11_11-43-29.png 2016-09-11_15-11-10.png 2016-09-11_15-11-21.png

2016-09-11_15-11-45.png 2016-09-11_15-12-01.png

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