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These are possible future updates.

Freedom of Choice update:


Main feature(s):

  • Customizable playstyles

    Play the way you want.

  • Customizable world types

    Play where you want.

Side feature(s):

  • Relight torches

    Right clicking will relight torches.

Micromanagement Gone update:


Main feature(s):

  • Weight based inventory

    Slot based inventories are out, weight based is in.

  • Backpack rework

    Only one backpack on your back.

  • Pouches

    Extend and customize your backpack and clothing with pouches.

Side feature(s):

  • Type specific space Already implemented (1.9)

    Some backpacks and pouches can only hold specific types of stuff.

Test of Time update:


Main feature(s):

  • NPC villages

    Trade with them and help them expand.

  • Barbarians

    Defend yourself and villages against barbarians.

Side feature(s):

  • New ruins

    Find new treasures.

Mendelian inheritance update:


Main feature(s):

  • Livestock genetics

    Selectively breed your livestock to have them evolve.

  • Bee genetics

    Selectively breed your bees to aid you in your other tasks.

  • Crop genetics

    Selectively breed plants with the help of bees.

Side feature(s):

  • Magnifying glass

    Get a look at the genetics of things.

Riders of Rohan update:



Main feature(s):

  • Horses

    Ride and fight on horseback.

  • Wagons

    Travel with style.

  • Carts

    Transport more stuff.

  • Plows

    Use your livestock to aid your farms.

Side feature(s):

  • Horse armor DLC

    Dress your horse in some fine armor for the low asking price of 10$.


Gold Rush update:



Main feature(s):

  • Panning Already implemented (1.9)

    Use a pan to pan for metal nuggets.

  • Sluices

    Build a sluice to pan for nuggets without work.

Side feature(s):

  • Gold gears

    Craft golden gears to be sold at traders.


World of Wolves update:



Main feature(s):

  • More wolves

    I always felt wolves were to rare in VS.

  • Stronger wolves

    I always felt wolves were to weak in VS.

  • Faster wolves

    I always felt wolves were to slow in VS.

Side feature(s):

  • Highscore system

    Survive to longest without getting killed by wolves.


Smithing rework update:



Main feature(s):

  • Reworked anvil mechanics

    Master the craft of smithing once again.

  • Item quality

    Will you forge a crude sword or a sword worthy of a king?

  • Quenching

    Pour your hot finished craft into some liquid, which enhances it further.

Side feature(s):

  • New tools

    Use tongs and new hammers to aid you in your craft.


Forging of the Rings update:



Main feature(s):

  • Grindstone

    Repair your tools and weapons at the grindstone.

  • Resmelting

    Resmelt your tools and weapons to be forged again.

  • Cauldron

    Handle large amounts of molten metal in this new block.

  • Reworked bloomery and blast furnace

    Build these revamped massive structures like they were on TFC.
Side feature(s):

  • Urn

    The old cauldron is renamed to urn.


Unlimited Power update: 



Main feature(s): 

  • Mechanical power

    Use wind and water mills to turn a lot of gears and axles.

  • Gearboxes

    Bend mechanical power to your will, trading speed for torque or the other way around.

  • Mechanical hammer

    Use your new network to power a mechanical hammer, to crush all kind of stuff.

  • Mechanical mill

    The device never tired, the device never sweats.

Side feature(s):

  • Block animations

    Doors are now animated

Steel age update (Dependency: Unlimited Power update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Mechanical bellows

    Fuel your campfires, forges and blast furnaces with this new leafblower 3000.

  • Blast furnace

    Create steel in this new monstrosity.

Side feature(s):

  • Iron bloom

    The bloomery will now spill out iron bloom rather than iron ingots.


Valyrian steel update (Dependency: Smithing rework update, Forging of the Rings update, Steel age update):



Main feature(s):

  • Custom alloys

    Unlimited customizability using a new system that procedually generates new alloys.

  • Custom steels

    Unlimited customizability using a new system that procedually generates new steels.

  • Damascus steel

    Layer two different steels to create damascus steel that retains attributes of both and looks amazing.

  • Folding

    Lower the carbon content of your steel by folding it multiple times.
Side feature(s):

  • Tyronite

    The old ways to create this powerful steel were long forgotten, thus it can only be found in the ruins of old.


High ground update (Dependency: Unlimited Power update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Minecarts

    Use infrastructure to get make mines much more profitable.

  • New machines

    Automate even more things with even more machines

Side feature(s):

  • Ore vein rework

    Ore veins are now more suited for the use of minecarts


Clockwork brain update (Dependency: Unlimited Power update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Geneva drive

    Build a geneva drive to turn constant mechanical power into the ticks of a clock.

  • Logic gates

    Use the new ticking power to calculate stuff.

  • Sensors

    Let your clockwork computer see the world.

  • Interfaces

    Let your clockwork computer change the world.

Side feature(s):

  • Clockwork goggles

    Fancy engineering headwear, that lets you see the logic better.


Worldgen Part 2: Give us oceans! update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Landform sizes

    Landforms now can have configurable sizes, enabling oceans.

  • Rivers

    Rivers now flow through the landscape.

  • Finite water

    Water got a major update, making utilizing it more difficult.

Side feature(s):

  • Ocean landforms

    Finally set see into the unknown waters.

  • Ridged noise mountains

    Realistic mountain chains powered by ridged noise.

  • Salt water and fresh water

    The oceans will now be filled with salt water, which isn't good for your crops.


Deep waters update (Dependency: Worldgen Part 2: Give us oceans! update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Fish

    The oceans are now filled with live.

  • Fishing

    Use some bamboos and some string to catch some food.

  • Coral reefs

    A new aquatic ecosystem.

Side feature(s):

  • Sunken ships

    Find new treasures in sunken ships.


MS Untergang update (Dependency: Worldgen Part 2: Give us oceans! update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Freeform ships

    Build boats and ships to travel the oceans.

Side feature(s):

  • none


Finally Connected update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Connected textures

    A rather small, but awesome feature. Provides connected textures for glass, grass, snow, wood, etc.

Side feature(s):

  • Quality of life improvements and bugfixes

    Making this a rather tiny update as a whole, it could also have some small QoL feature, like consistent maps.


Combat Phase I update:



Main feature(s):

  • Stamina

    A new stat that is linked to defensive and evasive capabilities

  • Staged attacks

    Attacks aren't instant, but only hit after an animation and have multiple phases during the animation.

  • Parrying

    Use your weapon to parry attacks, and thus make them damage your stamina instead of your health, by good timing.

  • Dodging

    Evade attacks by dodging in any direction with the press of a button, at the cost of stamina.

  • Stagger

    Loose access to various combat specific actions as a reaction to certain actions.

Side feature(s):

  • Two handed weapons

    The mighty greatsword will require both of your hands.


Armor update (Dependency: Combat Phase I update):



Main feature(s):

  • Armor

    Craft new gear to defend yourself against enemies.

  • Shields

    Use your offhand to gain enhanced defensive capabilities

Side feature(s):

  • Armor piercing weapons

    Make use of powerful maces and warhammers.


Combat Phase II update (Dependency: Combat Phase I update):



Main feature(s):

  • Directional attacks

    Perform new directional attacks depending on your direction of movement.

  • Charging attacks

    Hold the attack button to charge powerful attacks.

  • Feinting

    Attacks can be canceled during the animation, allowing you to parry or attack again.

Side feature(s):

  • none


Revenge of the Enemies update (Dependency: Combat Phase I update):



Main feature(s):

  • New enemies

    Fight of new monsters and man.

  • Reworked enemies

    Monsters will now have new attacks and defenses for you to struggle against.

  • Rifts

    Defend against foes coming from places unbeknownst to men.

Side feature(s):

  • Reworked spawning

    Most monsters will now spawn only in caves, but might creep out at night.


Combat Phase III update (Dependency: Combat Phase II update):



Main feature(s):

  • Morphing

    Attacking during your attack animation can change the direction of your attack.

  • Chambering

    Starting an attack mirroring the attack direction of an enemy attack, that is about to hit, will block the enemy attack.

Side feature(s):

  • Polishing combat

    The combat will be polished to be as good as it can be.


The Winds of Winter update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Localized weather

    Now it can rain/snow/hail/duststorms/droughts in VS with the weather being localized rather than effecting the whole map.

  • Seasons

    Spring, summer, autumn and winter coming to VS, changing up the world.

  • Continent-like distributions of fauna and flora

    This feature ideally won't be noticeable for the player, but it is required for more flora/fauna to be added.

Side feature(s):

  • Snowed everything

    Procedural generated snowed versions of blocks, with different snow heights.

  • Dynamic colorgrading

    Weather and seasons will change the color of the world, allowing for wet ground after rain and dry land after droughts.


Living world update (Dependency: The Winds of Winter update):



Main feature(s): 

  • New plants

    Flowers, ferns, moss, grass. Lots of it.

  • New trees

    Jungles will finally feel like jungles.

Side feature(s):

  • none


Breathing world update (Dependency: The Winds of Winter update):



Main feature(s): 

  • New wildlife

    Deer, moose, giraffes, sloths, kettle. Lots of it.

  • Improved animal AI

    Animals will eat and drink regular.

Side feature(s):

  • none


Winter is Coming update (Dependency: The Winds of Winter update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Seasonal (temperature dependent) crops

    Now that the world is changing, the player must adapt. No more crops in winter.

  • Food decay

    Your food will now slowly rot.

  • Food preservation

    To counter the decay, prepare and store your food properly to last longer.
Side feature(s):

  • New crops

    With new challenges come new oportunities: Corn, potatoes, hemp and more.

  • Salt

    A new mineral very useful for preservation has been uncovered.


Environmental Hazards update (Dependency: The Winds of Winter update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Temperature system

    Try not to freeze or boil to death.

  • Wetness

    Getting wet will get you cold quickly.

  • Drowning

    You now have to breath air.
Side feature(s):

  • Protective clothing

    Stay warm inside of fancy new clothes.

  • Capes

    Warm and stylish.


Living Underground update:



Main feature(s): 

  • More tweaks to cave generation

    Refining the new caves even more, with more varied caves.

  • Underground biomes

    Now caves have climates: wet dipping caves, underground lakes, vulcanic tunnels, crystal caves, tropic underground microforests.

  • Geodes

    Rocks that hold secrets. Making cave exploration rewarding, these rocks can be found at the walls of caves, containing rare ores.

  • Enhanced movement

    To allow for better traversal of more extreme caves, crawling, climing and edge grabbing is now possible.
Side feature(s):

  • Stalagmites Already implemented (1.9)

    Who wouldn't love these beautiful stone pillars, that were teased by RedRam.

  • Underground flora and fauna

    Glowing mushrooms, bats, non glowing mushrooms, cave moss and more stuff.


Beer n Barrels update (Dependency: Winter is Coming update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Barrels

    Allows for item and fluid storage at the same time, they can even be sealed.

  • Tanning

    Make some leather out of your hides.

  • Brewing

    Make your own custom beers and wines.

Side feature(s):

  • New crops

    Hops and grapes are introduced, featuring some new unique mechanics.


A Fine Taste update (Dependency: Beer n Barrels update):



Main feature(s): 

  • Temporary effects

    Players and creatures alike can be targeted by new, exciting effects like: More health, damage over time, waterbreathing.

  • Alchemical ingredients

    Items being infused with certain effects, for the player to uncover.

  • Aging

    You can age your beers and wines with ingredients to have them infused by new effects.

  • Alchemical pastes

    Use a pettle and morter to make ingredients into pastes you can eat or apply to bandages.
Side feature(s):

  • New animal and monster drops

    Animals and monsters drop alchemical ingredients the player can harness.

  • Farmable herbs

    The herbs of VS are finally farmable.

  • Poultice overhaul

    The poultices in the game are replaced by the new procedural poultices made from paste and bandages.


Effective food update (Dependency: A Fine Taste update):



Main feature(s):

  • Food effects

    Advanced food and meals will provide you with some long term effects.

  • Cheese

    Press and age your own custom cheese.

Side feature(s):

  • New food

    Discover new stuff to eat.


Secrets of the Alchemist update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Alcohol distillation

    Use the new distillery to harness the alcohol from your beverages, to be used in powerful alchemy.

  • Potions

    Use your distilled alcohol to dissolve ingredients and create powerful potions.

  • Oiles

    Create oils that infuse weapons with alchemical effects, to be applied at your foes.

  • Toxicity

    Drinking alcohol and potions will increase your toxicity, which can kill you if not careful. 

Side feature(s):

  • Olives and sunflowers

    New farmable flora to create oiles


Fancy Tree update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Less blocky trees

    Tree trunks and branches now aren't full blocks, but blocks with different widths and orientation.

  • Dynamic tree growth

    Trees now slowly grow in stages, rather than a full grown tree appearing from the ground.

Side feature(s):

  • New tree species

    How about we double the quantity of tree species in VS?

  • Fruit trees

    Fruit trees are long time investments, but will provide yields for years to come.


The Hunted update:



Main feature(s): 

  • Stealth mechanics

    Hide from mobs or sneak up on unsuspecting animals.

Side feature(s):

  • Advanced npc behavior

    NPCs will have more varied behaviors and will react differently to the player depending on the situtation.


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