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7 or less days before release


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Nothing significant happened game dev wise as expected

My ongoing period of low activity will continue for another 5 days, I can hardly await to finally be able to binge type some game code again.

I did solve a some administrative and interopability issues though, which means the release should only be days away now. The online shop is pretty much done and configured to automatically generate a game key on successful purchase. There will be also a VIP Addon which will give a perk or two, but it's mostly there for anyone who wants to support the game beyond buying a normal game account.

There is one more thing I would like to have before the release - which is a code signed installer, at is it might eliminate some issues with downloading or installing the game. If Comodo is quick enough to deliver my code signing certificate, I will include it in the official release. 

In any case, I will probably put the game up for sale within the coming 7 days.


  • New high-res app icon for the game as well as the model creator
  • Topsoil blocks are now displayed more correctly in the inventory (still not quite right though)
  • Added some code to worldgen to allow for sub-landforms, which should help create a greater variety of biomes in the future.


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