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The Worldgen and Geology Update (v1.9-rc.1)


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Grandios Vintarians
Version 1.9-rc.1, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

We're finally there. The largest and longest update in the history of this game is ready. Around 250 individual features, changes and fixes have been completed. It was a huge undertaking and hell a lot of work. Enjoy! :D

Important notice: World generation changed significantly. You should create a new world with this update. If you do want to load old worlds, make sure to create a backup and apply the remappings.


Traders now spawn throughout the world. Sell goods for profit and buy rare items. Gears are now a currency.

Geology overhaul. Many new rock types and many new ores

Ores are now graded and spawn only in certain rock types.

Much improved user interface. Prettier, leaner and more functional.

Much improved world generation. More natural looking and more variety. Added ruined villages.



Improved ambient, such as particles for waterfalls and better lighting overall and around lava



Improved cave system. They are now more diverse, host locust nests and stalactites/stalagmites. Can spawn larger empty caverns of lava covered in patches of basalt. Greater variety of ruins with occasional odd technical devices



Many new blocks, such as lupine flowers and labeled chests


Block interaction help. Shows you how you can interact with blocks

Full Game Updates List

  • Feature: Geology overhaul
    • 16 new rock types
      • 7 of which can be used for crafting all cobble, polished and brick versions as full blocks, slabs or stairs 
      • 3 marble types that can be polished
      • 6 other rock types
    • 16 new ores: For use in future updates
    • Rock dependent ore spawning: All ores will now only spawn in certain rock types with certain grades
    • Rock typed ores: All ores now drop together with their parent rock, of which pure nuggets can be extracted from with a hammer
    • Graded ores: All metal bearing ores now come graded depicting their metal content: Poor, Medium, Rich and Bountiful
    • New graphics: All ores and gems now are 3D models
  • Feature: Worldgen overhaul
    • Realistic climate bands ("biome" temperature no longer varies in randomly but increases/decreases on the north-south axis, experimental)
    • More natural
      • Reworked rock strata generator: Should now generate some more interesting varieties
      • Improved clay and peat deposits
        • No longer perfectly circular / elliptic but more randomly shaped now
        • Has soil beneath it so grass can regrow once excavated
        • Is rounded of at the edges
        • Grass now spreads onto barren clay and peat
      • Fixed snow layer generation bugs that produced visible weird patterns in the worldmap
      • Fixed structures sometimes overlapping each other
      • Improved block layer transitions (e.g. from grass to sand), they should now look more natural and seamless
      • Added post processing filter to remove small clumps free floating blocks
      • Ruins less likely to be incorrectly placed during world generation
      • Increased soil layer thickness
    • More decorative
      • Added lupines flower: They come in 5 different colors - purple, blue, red, orange and white 
      • Added ruined villages which come with 25+ new and unique ruins
      • Added locust nests. Locusts no longer spawn randomly but spawn from nests.
      • Added termite mounds
      • Added a secret world generation feature
      • New and more decorative ruins: A lot of the ruins have been filled with new content and several new ones have been added
      • Updated the contents of loot vessels. They now also rarely drop some special things
      • Added sticks on the ground in forests
      • Improved grass color map to be a bit less noisy and not as dark on certain spots
    • Land form improvements
      • The terrain is now somewhat more "detailed" looking due to the addition of a new high frequency noise octave
      • Added a stretch&squeeze mechanic that gives greater variety to land forms
      • Added over 10 new land forms, improved many of existing land forms. One of the new land forms is just pure sea.
    • Improved caves
      • Spawns Stalactites and Stalagmites 
      • Caves can now become very narrow or very shallow
      • Cave ceilings are more rough and cave-like
      • Caves are more frequent.  
      • May be a bit more chaotic in some places
      • Rarely generates very large ravines and very large caverns
      • Likes to produce large caverns near lava level
      • Now spawns lava rivers near the lava level
      • Lava lakes are now covered in patches of basalt
  • Feature: Major User Interface Improvements: Fewer stylistic errors! More smooth! More links! More user friendly! More immersive! \o/
    • Block Interaction help HUD: Shows you how you can interact with a block. Hit keyboard key 'N' to toggle on/off
    • All HUD Elements can now be toggled through Settings->Interface as well
    • Added graphics quality presets. Most graphics settings are now hidden by default. More fine grained configuration for the view distance.
    • New, immersive world joining/leaving screens 
    • The joining multiplayer server screen now shows the download progress
    • Various invalid interactions with the game world now show the player an error message
    • Add a thick border around dialogs and a glow on the edges
    • Added a glow around item slots, redesign active slot overlay
    • Hotbar slots now display their assigned hotkeys
    • Added a glow around the health and satiety bar. More intense flashing when low on health/food.
    • Random quote on the main screen
    • Fixed countless oddities, inconsistencies and alignment issues
    • Prettier credits page
    • Snapped screenshots are now linked with the physical file in the chat box
    • Added a developer tab to the Settings
  • Feature: Improved water
    • Water falls now have an ambient sound and spawn "foam" particles
    • Flowing water now pushes players, creatures and items. The pushing speed depends on the items density.
  • Feature: More music
    • New daytime track: "Hallowcroft"
    • The echo chamber now works: Right click with any of the 9 resonance archive to play the track. This comes with some 5 new tracks! You can now find all resonance archives in ruins and buy some them at the traders.
  • Feature: Better ambient sounds
    • Improved ambient sound system management. No longer plays dozens of lava sounds simultaneously near a large lava lake.
    • Increased volume of water stream sounds
    • Added ambient sound slider to the sound settings
  • Feature: New blocks
    • Labeled chests: Combine a chest with a sign to have a writable chest!  (use sneak + a pigment such as coal, chalk or lapis to write on it)
    • Aged Logs
    • Stone Path Slabs
    • Chandelier
    • Locust nests and metal spikes
    • Scrap piles that spawn in ruins and drop re-smeltable metals or usable parts
    • Cob: Primitive building block, made from straw and soil
  • Feature: New items
    • 10 slot mining bag: Extra bag space, but can therefore only hold ores and metals
    • Hundreds of new ores and nuggets
    • A wearable face mask 
    • Peridotite stone tools
  • Feature: Improved sign blocks: Can now write in various colors using pigments (coal, chalk, limestone, lapis and malachite). Can now attach signs to stairs, slabs and some other blocks.
  • Feature: Cooking pot slots max stack size are now equivalent to their max portion size (= 6 items per slot). This allows for much quicker insertion of ingredients into the slots.
  • Feature: Added '.' and '/' hotkey for instant command typing
  • Feature: Flavor texts on a number of clothes
  • Tweak: More game juice
    • Lanterns and Torches now have their own third person pose when held in hands
    • Knapping now spawns particles of chipped flint/rock
    • Breaking blocks no longer drop 1 stack of X items but instead X stacks of 1 item because it looks more satisfying
    • Improved fp/tp/gui position/size/rotation on a bunch of items (including all toolheads). Made bow texture brighter
    • Mushrooms now have a custom model when in inventory or in hands
    • Improved the graphics for rocks and bricks
    • Increased overall scene contrast by 30%
    • Improved player third person pose when holding full blocks in hands
    • Player physics tweak: A bit more grip when walking down a slopes - should make it a bit easier to walk down a narrow or step path.
    • When closing your inventory with items in the crafting grid the game will first try putting the items into the inventory before dropping on the ground
    • Improved butterfly AI. They now fly slower, are more attracted to flowers and more easily find the center of the flower
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing changes
    • Day/Night cycle now twice as long (from 24 minutes to 48 minutes) 
    • Animal herds (chicken, boars, wolves and bighorn sheep) now alarm each other when getting attacked, i.e. will also become aggressive
    • Foxes and Wolves no longer spawn in lit areas. This lets you put light sources in/around your chicken pens to prevent fox/wolves spawning inside them and killing all the chickens.
    • Increased scythe durability by 50%
    • Increased range at which creatures find food in troughs by 50%
    • Backpacks now require twice as much leather
    • Bloomery tweaks
      • No longer accepts smeltables with a melting point below 1000 deg. these would vaporize under the high temperatures
      • Now accepts as much ores as to generate 6 output items, e.g. 120 nuggets
      • Can now place up to 5x items at once into the Bloomery when holding the sneak key
  • Tweak: More game content always costs some performance, but we also improved performance in some areas
    • Improved god ray shader performance! (e.g. for MarcAFK: Before 40-80 fluctuating FPS, After: Solid 80-90 FPS)
    • Improved occlusion culling system performance. Should yield notable FPS gains for everyone \o/
    • Major performance improvement in the lighting engine, especially near many light sources
    • Increased chunk tesselation speed by 10% (=pre-generated chunks should load ~10% faster)
    • Vastly improved creative inventory search performance 
  • Tweak: Can no longer stack berry bushes higher than 2 blocks
  • Tweak: Replaced the players ring slot with a face slot. Added one face mask
  • Tweak: Sneaking lowers player first person camera a bit further down than before
  • Tweak: Added new creative Tab "Special" for all the meta blocks
  • Tweak: Updated/Added It/Russian language files
  • Tweak: Added error message when trying to knap with a soft stone. Knapping with a flint now also swings the flint in hands
  • Tweak: Bee hives now also recognize flowers in pots and planters
  • Tweak: Crash reporter a bit more user friendly (crash log appears right away instead of a few seconds after)
  • Tweak: Added health and satiety stats to character screen
  • Tweak: Added super thin collision box on the thinnest snow layer, so maybe dropped items don't disappear completely when they fall on snow layers on top of snow blocks
  • Tweak: Beds make some simple attempts to teleport the player off the bed to prevent player heads getting stuck in ceilings
  • Tweak: Might Fix some issues with the anvil/clayform/knapping surface (was resetting voxels sometimes)
  • Fixed: Closing the anvil recipe selector dialog doing weird stuff to the anvil work item
  • Fixed: Trees growing through walls
  • Fixed: Bony remains generating on top of lakes
  • Fixed: Searching for blocks/items in a creative tab buggy
  • Fixed: Grain nutrition levels draining faster than intended.
  • Fixed: Decaying animals deleting water blocks when they die in water
  • Fixed: Player eating also animating an item/block held in the off hand
  • Fixed: Dropping linen sacks, backpacks and hand baskets on the ground falling through the block
  • Fixed: Crops not growing in unloaded chunks
  • Fixed: Fix forge deleting items when trying to take them out while the players inventory is full
  • Fixed: Quern not open-able if a block is above
  • Fixed: Fox yip sounds didn't play, Hyena death sounded like wolf death
  • Fixed: Some minor memory leaks
  • Fixed: Smoke particles not affected by fog
  • Fixed: /clear command also deleting contents of any other opened inventory (e.g. from a trader) 
  • Fixed: Using the mouse wheel on mac os was really clunky
  • Fixed: Might fix the very rare case where creatures are invisible for the player, but still attack and thus hurt the player
  • Fixed: The item name box that's displayed when changing the active hotbar slot was sometimes not shown
  • Fixed: Pot in Firepit cooking sound restarting every second
  • Fixed: mouse hover + hotbar slot key to add items from the creative inventory not working when in a category tab
  • Fixed: On large view distances the game loaded a few extra chunks that were a out of place
  • Fixed: Holding a torch in hands made the near or distant red glow of lava light disappear
  • Fixed: Intro screen no longer playing music
  • Fixed: Waterfalls no longer weirdly spread at the source when they can't spread horizontally 
  • Fixed: Water flow animation no longer working
  • Fixed: Game crashing when placing a windmill rotor from the creative inventory
  • Fixed: Offhand items not rendered in third person
  • Fixed: Single ingot molds had a weird half hitbox from where ingots can be taken out, so one could only click the south half to retrieve ingots
  • Fixed: Loose gears could be placed on walls without a solid block below
  • Fixed: Might fix some rare cases where text on signs is waving like water
  • Fixed: Some block placing/breaking delay issues that sometimes happen at the start of a new world
  • Fixed: Survival Handbook bugging out for items that is used in many recipes (or generally that made the detail page overflow)
  • Fixed: Should fix random generator breaking down after some time and doing weird stuff to tree growth and similar
  • Fixed: Might fix meat reappearing in partially harvested carcasses, 
  • Fixed: Not able to type unicode characters with keyboard (broke typing e.g. with russian keyboards)
  • Fixed: Land protection issues with buckets
  • Refactor: Renamed serverconfig blockTickSamplesPerChunk to randomBlockTicksPerChunk

Dedicated Server Updates

  • Tweak: Improved server.sh script - can now run multiple servers on the same machine as long as the datapaths differ
  • Fixed: Servers running on linux sometimes causing the players Respawn button to not do anything
  • Fixed: Running a dedicated linux server exhibiting odd behaviors where e.g. the world edit commands would no longer exist (was cause by runtime mod reloading)

Creative Mode Updates

  • Feature: Improved creative inventory
    • The creative tabs are now sorted and grouped
    • Increased size from 10x9 slots to 15x9 slots and the dialog is now anchored to the hotbar
  • Feature: New "Worldedit GUI Tools 
    • Move Tool: Lets you move around the contents of selected areas 
    • Mirror/Repeat Tool: As the name suggests, lets you mirror or repeat blocks inside selected areas
    • Select tool: Lets you make selections with the magic wand in hands. Includes some buttons to change the selection and a magic select mode for selecting structures very quickly in superflat worlds
  • Feature: Can now drag&drop schematic files into the game window while using the import tool to very quickly load and place structures
  • Feature: Can now use "/we mexc" to export selected areas but instead of saving the file on the server, its sent to the client and saved there (which is disabled by default for security reasons. Enable via command .clientconfigcreate allowSaveFilesFromServer bool 1)
  • Feature: New command "/we impres [0|1]" - when importing schematics that have filler blocks or loot randomizers in them, calling /we impres 0 prevents them from being replaced. 
  • Tweak: Improved block/item export/import support, particularly when these contained other blocks/items in some form.
  • Tweak: Starting a creative build style world now puts players in creative mode and sets picking distance to 100 blocks
  • Fixed: Game crashing when importing a schematic with size 1x1x1
  • Fixed: Schematic sizes wrongly exported
  • Fixed: Worldedit gui settings for the tree tool were missing the large kapook and redwood pine
  • Fixed: Worldedit Repeat and Undo commands did not properly place/restore block entities

Modding/API Updates

  • Feature: Entity/Block/Item variant paradigm shift: You can now figure its variant by using the Variant property. E.g. kapokLogBlock.Variant["wood"] will return "kapok"
  • Feature: Moddable playstyles (semi-finished)
  • Feature: Added File Drop Events (fires when a file was dropped into the client game window)
  • Feature: Added ability in the engine to show multiple block highlights. This could come very handy in the future for potential worldedit selection masking operations.
  • Feature: Added a multiple select drop down gui element 
  • Feature: Added ability to show error messages without using the chat window. (via clientapi.TriggerIngameError or serverapi.SendIngameError)
  • Feature: Structures placed by worldgen now store their boundaries in MapRegions. Added api method BlockAccessor.WalkStructures
  • Feature: Added ability to set render range on name tags via json 
  • Feature: Added offhand slot player pose support (you can now declare in the block/item json files what animation the player should use when holding a block/item in the off hand))
  • Feature: Added ability to rotate textures in block/item/entity jsons (note: consumes extra texture atlas space) (syntax: Rotation: 0/90/180/270)
  • Feature: Added .OnBlockExploded to block behaviors
  • Feature: Dropped obfuscation on all client gui/hud code (about 6600 lines of code)
  • Feature: Can now define multiple grid recipes in one recipe file
  • Feature: Added block/item/entity property "SkipVariants" and "AllowedVariants", to selectively whitelist variants defined in the variantgroups property (also, skipvariants still exists)
  • Feature: Added variant group property "loadFromPropertiesCombine", works the same as loadFromProperties but can define multiple property sources
  • Feature: command /blockitempngexport now accepts a domain to only export blocks/items of given domain
  • Feature: Cooking / Bowl system should now be more modding friendly
  • Feature: Added Block.GetColorWithoutTint() in preparation for server world map export ability
  • Feature: Added WildCardUtil utility class
  • Feature: Added server side event 'SaveGameCreated'
  • Feature: Added world.Collectibles to quickly iterate over all non-placeholder items and blocks
  • Feature: Added ObjectCacheUtil.GetOrCreate to quickly retrieve or create a cached object (useful for blocks and items)
  • Feature: Added capi.Renderer.FrameBuffers property to access the engines frame  buffers
  • Feature: Addded capi.World.Player.TriggerFpAnimation() to run the engine native place/break animations
  • Feature: ItemSlot.TryPutInto now accepts a quantity value
  • Feature: Added block.GetPlacedBlockName() 
  • Tweak: Worldgen structure schematics are now validated and print errors if theres missing items/blocks
  • Tweak: Language list from the settings now loaded from lang/settings.json
  • Tweak: Added amount argument to CollectibleObject.DamageItem
  • Tweak: Tree Sapling growth time can now be configured in the blocktype json file
  • Tweak: Bee feed can now be configured in the blocktype json file
  • Tweak: Plant and Water tint textures can now be modded
  • Tweak: OnEntityLoaded now always called when an entity gets loaded from chunks but never when it spawned and the other way round for OnEntitySpawned
  • Tweak: When overriding Item/Block.OnLoaded you no longer need to call the base method
  • Tweak: The octaves in landforms.json now have double the frequency, you need to delete the first octave from your custom landforms to counter that.
  • Tweak: More explicit handling of liquids and their physics. Blocks now have a property called LiquidCode. Anything with liquid code "water" can supply water to farmland)
  • Tweak: Clay forming surface can now have custom texture depending on the clay used
  • Tweak: Block.OnEntityCollide now has a param for the impact speed
  • Tweak: Block.OnClientGameTick now has a param of how many seconds this particular block has been ticking already
  • Tweak: capi.Event.BlockChanged now has a param of the old block so one can compare new vs. old block
  • Tweak: Block.TryPlaceBlock now has a new ref parm for the failureCode which is used to display an ingame error to the player. You can return __ignore__ to not show an error to the player
  • Tweak: Block.ShouldReceiveServerGameTicks now has a param "offThreadRandom" since the default random is used in the main thread and Random is not thread safe
  • Fixed: Some major issues with multiple block behaviors not working well together
  • Fixed: Uppercase letters in the block type code breaks wildcard matching. 
  • Fixed: A number of bugs related to the /wgen commands
  • Fixed: Game crashing when modding in smithing or clay forming recipes above 16x16 in size
  • Fixed: Texture overlays not working on textures that weren't squares
  • Fixed: Modloader crashing when there were files in the assets/ root folder
  • Fixed: Some worldgen crashes when landforms go all the way to max world height
  • Fixed: Texture overlays didn't work if they weren't in the game domain
  • Fixed: Broken collectible combustibleproperties crashing the client
  • Fixed: Worldgen structure schematics should no longer crash on missing items/blocks
  • Fixed: Grid Recipe output no longer ignoring mod domain it was loaded from
  • Refactor: OnCollectTextures changed arg "OrderedDictionary<AssetLocationAndSource, bool> textureDict)" to "IBlockTextureLocationDictionary textureDict"
  • Refactor: Moved Block.WildCardMatch to WildcardUtil.Match
  • Refactor: Chunk loading api got reworked
  • Refactor: Renamed EnumHandling.NotHandled to EnumHandling.PassThrough
  • Refactor: Rename worldgen/blocklayerconfig.json to worldgen/blocklayers.json and worldgen/blockpatchconfig.json to worldgen/blockpatches.json
  • Refactor: The deposits in worldgen/deposits.json are now split up into individual files in worldgen/deposits/*
  • Refactor: Rename Block.WildCardPop to Block.WildCardReplace 
  • Removed: IItemSlot


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