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Worldgen Hotfix (v1.9.0-rc.2)


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Version 1.9-rc.2, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Contains bugfixes. And stuff.


Game updates:

  • Feature: Small hacked in fun feature: Creatures that walk up or down blocks now rock back or forth a bit
  • Tweak: Dead harvest-able creatures now also show the interaction help HUD
  • Tweak: Set default sprint key back to CTRL key
  • Tweak: Reduced surface ruins by ~30%, reduced ruined villages by 50%
  • Tweak: Doubled chance for locust nests to spawn
  • API Tweak: CollectibleObject.OnAttackingWith() added arg for attackingEntity
  • Fixed: Loot vessels not making sounds when broken by tools
  • Fixed: Clayform crashing when not selecting a recipe
  • Fixed: Trader names and stock resetting on world reload
  • Fixed: Rare crash in the sound system, hopefully
  • Fixed: Wolves and Foxes not spawning
  • Fixed: Carcass contents dialog not closing itself when walking away from the carcass
  • Fixed: Several fire brick block/items hidden from the survival handbook
  • Fixed: Player starting items not added to players inventory
  • Fixed: Loose ore info did not display parent rock
  • Fixed: Many ores did not have a mining tier

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