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More world editing tools (v1.0.1)


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Artistic Vintarians
Creativity knows no boundary.
v1.0.1 is now available for download on the game account manager.


  • Large World Edit update
    • Added 3 new tools, improved paint brush tool
      • New RaiseLower Tool: To raise or lower terrain using 4 different modes
      • New Airbrush Tool: Scatter blocks randomly on the terrains surface using various distribution methods
      • New Erode Tool: Erodes the terrain by averaging the height of the terrain
      • New Import Tool: Import one or many exported files randomly at the selected position
      • New Paint Brush Mode: Replace selected block
    • The mod now handles tools in a very generic way, which should make it quite easy to make the mod moddable in itself O_O
    • All commands are now fully documented on their own page
  • Improved Mod API Documentation, uploaded reference documentation at apidocs.vintagestory.at



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