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Worldgen Hotfix #6 (v1.9.0-rc.8)


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Treasure hunting vintarians
Version 1.9-rc.8, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Discovered some major issues with deposit generation, particularly gold and silver never spawned. This is now fixed.

Game updates

  • Feature: Added info log chat channel. Added new messages notification thing - chat tabs turn white when there's new messages. Propick readings now go into the info log.
  • Tweak: Major deposit rebalancing
  • Tweak: Removed three debug hotkeys (togglewireframe, lagsimulation, toggleoffsreenrender) because nobody needs those.
  • Tweak: Made fireflies also spawn in slightly colder climates
  • Tweak: Hematite ore yield one extra nugget, Gold ore on less nugget and Tin ore significantly less nuggets
  • Tweak: Updated trader buying/selling lists
  • Fixed: One more entropy loss bug in BEBeehive.cs
  • Fixed: Dozens of bugs in the deposit generator. Resulted in wrong propick readings and gold/silver never spawned altogether
  • Fixed: /wgen regen command not threadsafe and throwing exceptions from that
  • Fixed: Quartz not smeltable into glass
  • Fixed: Should fix a server side crash due to race conditions


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