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Worldgen Hotfix #7 (v1.9.0-rc.9)


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Version 1.9-rc.9, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

2019-05-03_13-57-32.thumb.png.95be1601d2e7ef021fe6b97b3ff22ca2.pngIt's happening?
Two major events will occur in the nearest future: The stable release of Version 1.9, the biggest update ever, and launch of the marketing campaign to let the world know this game exists. And then, maybe, just maybe I finally no longer need to drive myself into financial ruin by developing VS :D

I will be contacting several hundred YouTubers to whom I believe this game could be really interesting to play as well as contacting all major press outlets that I believe would be interested in covering Vintage Story. We'll be shooting for the moon... I only hope our chance of hitting is more than 0% ^_^

Game price
I've decided that upon release of v1.9 stable I will raise the price of VS to 15 Eur/17 USD. I'd like to believe the amount of content VS now offers justifies that. Furthermore, from what I've seen, in comparison to other games in the genre, such price is still below average.

Game updates list

  • Feature: Added "/time stop" and "/time resume" to stop the calendar without changing the time speed
  • Tweak: Made the default font color 3% brighter to increase contrast against the background 
  • Tweak: Made loading screen and chat hud background 10% more opaque to increase contrast against the background
  • Tweak: Made chat notifications more transparent to not stand out as much as player chat messages
  • Tweak: Server info chat tab only visible when developer mode i
  • Tweak: Sort public server listing in descending order by player count 
  • Tweak: Changed prospecting pick readout to hopefully be more explicit and intuitive. Made propick readings translatable.
  • Tweak: Some deposit gen numbers tweaked, made pentlandite, fluorite and phosphorite spawn.
  • Tweak: Added creative mode first-launch-help-dialog 
  • Tweak: Worldedit Erode tool now much less noisy
  • Tweak: A Bunch of other minor polishing things.
  • Tweak: Stones now also can go into the mining bag
  • Fixed: Rand entropy still broken. Replaced Rand and ThreadSafeRand with ThreadLocal<Rand>. Maybe this fixes it.
  • Fixed: Shearing leaves crashed the game
  • Fixed: Added another magnitude of precision to client->server player position sync. Maybe fixes unreliable fall damage issues?
  • Fixed: Prospecting pick showing lower than actual readings when the probed column had its rock mined away
  • Fixed: WorldEdit Grow/Shrink and Raise/Lower tool not removing the broken block
  • Fixed: Starting a creative world did not put the player in creative mode
  • Fixed: Crafting Recipes in the Survival Handbook showing variants of the recipes that did not exist (was not respecting allowedVariants on wildcard recipes and also ignoring itemclass)
  • Fixed: Mining bag not craftable in survival
  • Fixed: Dedicated game servers not stopping game calendar when nobody is online
  • Fixed: Chat Hud ungrabbing mouse when it shouldn't

Game account manager Updates

  • Added basic support for CDN Hosted files, meaning faster download speeds \o/

Web Api updates

  • The stable and unstable apis now include the download urls for either cdn or local hosted files.

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