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Trees, Fog and more


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TLDR: Screenshots below 
Since I have full freedom on what I want to work on next, I often just focus on area for a short amount of time and then continue with something else. It keeps my daily coding on the game a bit more colorful!

  • The entity system got a complete rewrite, including some basic implementations of attribute trees and entity property system. These two system will allow to attach/detach behaviors and attributes to any entity which makes it a lot easier to add different entities in the future.
  • The Vintagecraft tree generator is now migrated to Vintagestory, which is a very flexible piece of code to generate a large variety of trees. It took some extra efforts to make it load the various tree types from external json files, instead of being hardcoded like it was in Vintagecraft
  • I'm a strong advocate for using a good toolset to achieve good results, so I am often spending time on adding stuff that help me spend less time on adding stuff ;-) 
    Since last update I added automatic reloading of server mods, you just save the changes, the server immediately recognizes the change and reloads all mods. This speeds up development when I have to do many small changes.
  • The creative inventory now shows an item tooltip when you hover over a slot, also I implemented moving items between slots using the mouse.
  • I also added a new sun texture to replace the one from manic digger. I spent quite some time on getting the glow around the sun just right.
  • I continued working on components required for worldgeneration. Before worldgen works as planned, many components have to be in place and working. 
  • I did some playing around with fog, which will be a big part of the game as part of a weather system. 

Pictures on https://imgur.com/a/5R4IS

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