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[VS 1.15+] The Adjustor Mod


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The Adjustor Mod for VS 1.15.0+

A useful tool for builders that lets anyone who has it rotate slabs, stairs and other blocks without breaking them!

Even from difficult angles - just hold the crouch key and the rotate controls are flipped (spin instead of flip up/down).

NEW: Fixed mode. (Default;'F' key) - allows forcing the SAME direction for all blocks - each click will always try and force the block to the same direction.

Lets you place several types of slab-like blocks onto roofs or sides they would not otherwise go.

Release Notes; V0.1.11

  • Made compatible with V1.14 !
  • CHUTES and Chests are now reorientable, it wasn't easy either!
  • Wooden Axles - for technical reasons are not adjustable.
  • Lanterns and several other 'angular' rotatable blocks can be spun around - (but not flipped, can't do both)

Release Notes; V0.1.10

  • Made compatible with V1.12
  • Text descriptions for modes
  • Mechanical blocks , and rotation of angled blocks...TODO STILL!

Release Notes; V0.1.9

  • Made compatible with V1.11
  • Manual (force) mode with duck + click works for chutes
  • Mechanical blocks (unsupported for now...)

Release Notes; V0.1.8

  • Updated rotation icons
  • Generic-er rotation type handling (may work for MORE blocks now)
  • Other stuff (code tweaks, cleanup, ect...)

Release Notes; V0.1.7

  • NEW! Fixed Rotation mode. (Its a real tool mode just like hammer...)
  • Incomplete translations...
  • craft-able Economy stone-age version of tool (its almost as good as the real thing)
  • Tested with V1.9.9         (should be compatible with 1.9.6~ untested)

* Download Mod link HERE *


Updated version; works better with V1.9.6+economy_model.thumb.jpg.1e415978d4714c98a45b236cac28460e.jpgTING_TING_TING.thumb.jpg.7c91d931d52c0e0bb0af078b2aa8a6cf.jpg




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Hallo Frank ;D

Ich glaube du muss deine Frage in englisch erstellen, glaube nicht das der Modder Deutsch versteht ;D


Hello Frank ;D

Make better your question in englisch, I think the modder can not speak german ;D

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