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The fight for dominance Update (v1.9.3-rc.1/2 and stable)


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Exquisite Players!
Version 1.9.3-rc.1, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.
[Edit:] Released rc.2 to fix 2 crashes!
[Edit:] aaand 1.9.3 is out! Should fix 2 crashes and the clayforming bug from rc.2

Due some additions to the API I made this one an unstable release, just to be on the safe side. That being said, it should be more stable than 1.9.2, but always hard to tell what strange new special cases turn up. Also hello everybody who newly joined, I wish you a warm welcome!

We also added a small behavioral feature - roosters asserting their dominance towards their peers! 


Game updates

  • Feature: Roosters now occasionally attack each other for 0.05 damage points when they come in close vicinity
  • Feature: Added intermediate join server screen when connecting to a public server which lets you type in a password when the server is password protected. Also shows some extra infos.
  • Feature: Added metal alloying ratios to the handbook 
  • Tweak: Can no longer put items into the traders buying slots which the trader is not interested in
  • Tweak/Fixed: Anvil and Clay forming surface now display how to select the tool mode
  • Tweak: Added notice to ores that they have to be crushed by a hammer
  • Tweak: Added a bit more ingame documentation to the /land claim commands
  • Fixed: Creating knapping surface from stone too close not displaying an ingame error
  • Fixed: Game crashing when setting smallest gui scale
  • Fixed: Adding waypoint with invalid color throwing exception. Now prints a proper message
  • Fixed: Player pose all derpy when holding an offhand torch or lantern and block/item in the hotbar
  • Fixed: Sand/gravel inside other players pans invisible
  • Fixed: Off-hand slot items such as the torch for other players invisible
  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to cook 2 soybean in a pot
  • Fixed: Maybe fixes game music playing while an echo chamber track plays
  • Fixed: Disabling a vanilla mod causes players to crash when trying to connect to a vanilla server
  • Fixed: /we mexc wrote chat messages to everyone
  • Fixed: /waypoint remove did not remove the waypoint until reloaded
  • Fixed: Click on the stationary reed basket in the Handbook directed one to the aged basket
  • Fixed: Using non-english language on an english server caused knapping recipes selection to select the wrong recipe
  • Fixed: Might fix a crash when connecting to a server
  • Fixed: Malachite nuggets not usable as pigment
  • Fixed: Chisel on tool rack had a copper handle o.O
  • Fixed: Game crashing when right clicking items into the trader selling slots 
  • Fixed: Game crashing when attempting to interact with claimed blocks
  • Fixed: Cheap fix for land claimed double doors / double fance gates not reverting properly
  • Fixed: Handbook skep recipe incorrect (should be 2 clay instead of 1) 
  • Fixed: More language related fixes

Server updates

  • Feature: Added /serverconfig setspawnhere
  • Tweak: Should crash with a more helpful message when Mono is outdated

API Updates

  • Feature: Added CTRL+F1 to reload the world
  • Feature: Added entity action event thing for copygirl
  • Feature: Added eventapi.OnSendChatMessage to modify or override the default behavior when sending a chat message to the server
  • Feature: Raw access to the VTML Parser. Crafty modders can theoretically add own richttext elements with it (add your converter to the VtmlUtil.TagConverters dict)
  • Fixed: Game crashing with CarryCapacity loaded
  • Fixed: Load/Store Modconfig using the wrong folder
  • Fixed: Several block interaction helps not moddable
  • Fixed: Removed srgb profiles from all png files again to fix the srgb profile error spam


[12th may] Blog post Statement corrections:
- Changed title from "pecker fight" to "fight for dominance"
- Changed feature description, see next post

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