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Chest Inventory, Pretty blocks (v1.0.3)


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Survivally Vintarians!
One more important step towards survival mode done!
Version 1.0.3 is now available for download in the account manager

So much happened this week. Our internal slack channels have significantly picked up in activity with Nachtfalter reworking the Logo and Ingame Menus, Ivan getting accomodated to the new build tools, Saraty churning out one flawless textures after another and everyone providing feedback to all the updates. Although responding to all this takes away quite some of my time I still managed to complete some large updates on the game. Most importantly chest inventories - this required 2 massive refactors in the game code, but now the game has a very flexible system for handling special blocks and guis. This also means writable signs is just around the corner. \o/


  • Ivan has joined the team as builder! He will demonstrate what the games creative mode is capable of!
  • 0-chestcontents.pngChest Inventory! Chests can now be opened and hold up to 12 items at the moment. Might still have a glitch or two.
  • A lot of new blocks
    • Epic Quartz: Plain, Ornate, Stairs, Slabs and Vertical/Horizontal Pillars   (finally I can make my ruined greek temple \o/)
    • 15 beautifully crafted Metal Sheets each with 5 random textures, can be attached to any solid block side
    • Linen and 3 Wool Carpet style blocks, can be attached to any solid block side
    • Leather Block
    • Clay shingle slabs
    • One new mushroom type
  • Added a new hud element: Player friendly coordinate display. Toggles on 'C' Key. Shows the distance to the players spawn position in blocks. Adjusted /tp command to teleport relative to player spawn pos (so /tp 0 0 0 will always bring you back to spawn), can still tele to absolute position using /tp =x =y =z, relative movement via /tp ~x ~y ~z remains unchanged.
  • New player skin: Finally we have our own pretty and fitting skin. Drawn by Nachtfalter.
  • Improved NPC Tool: Can now spawn named and permanent NPCs. They don't move or can be interacted with yet though. (via /npc add name)
  • Added basic Linux server run script server.sh
  • Includes all updates from previous news article:
    • New Theme Track that plays in the main menu
    • Remake of all ore textures (also enabled display of all ore blocks in creative inventory for now)
    • Load music on demand, resulting in the game taking 8 seconds less to start
    • Etc.
  • Other features
    • Added ability to perform direct network communication between client and server block entities. 
    • Added ability to export the item and block texture atlas the game generates using the command .exptexatlas 
    • Added ability to debug/fix incorrect block mappings if a bug in the mappings should ever occur using the new command /bir
    • Added Multiplayer Version checks. Client now properly reports if the server runs on an incompatible game version
  • Tweaks / Fixes
    • Tweaked: Music tracks should now play more often 
    • Tweaked: Godrays no longer on by default. 
    • Fixed a crash when using the macro editor. Also now autofills the macro name if none is supplied.
    • Fixed tick profiler not staying attached to the right side of the screen
    • Fixed sideways logs textures not being sideways
    • Fixed Name tags no longer visible in multiplayer
    • Fixed 1-2 rare crashes
    • Fixed door not in a closed state when placing
    • Fixed stuck connecting screen on different server version

2016-10-14_15-04-58.png 2016-10-14_22-29-35.png 2016-10-14_22-29-49.png 2016-10-14_19-26-40.png 2016-10-14_22-49-41.png 2016-10-14_23-08-59.png

2016-10-14_22-57-40.png 2016-10-14_22-59-58.png 2016-10-04_00-39-30.png 2016-10-14_23-14-30.png 

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