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The emotes and reinforcement update (v1.9.4-rc.1)


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Version 1.9.4-rc.1, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

This updates also includes some small changes on how save games are loaded, so for safety I recommend you make a backup of your worlds.

Amongst the countless bugfixes, this update contains several features, such as some updated animations and an emote system. You can now type /emote [shrug|wave|cry|cheer] to run an emote. We'll be adding more emotes and an easier system to run them in the future.

Here's a cheer emote, and a new custom animation for panning:
emotes.gif.9626d0b2b8ca75b95689cceca9f02015.gif panning.gif.cfcaffff58a76bcd8a81773321ff49a8.gif 

You can also see my name tag is in green - we now have entitlements! VS Team members are colored green and Supporters are colored gold.

Also there is now a new, rather drastic and experimental multiplayer feature - block reinforcement. You can now craft a "Plumb and Square" which, together with stones, copper, bronze or iron ingots in your hands, allows you to reinforce blocks so that they have to be broken multiple times to remove them (25 for stone, 75 for copper, 150 for tin bronze, 200 for black bronze and 400 for iron ingots). It's basically the first glimpse into an alternative, and more immersive, way to protect your stuff in multiplayer. Probably in v1.9.5 I'll also add smithable locks to prevent players from opening your doors and chests. However, if it significantly breaks game play we'll disable it by default. 


Full game updates list

  • Feature: Added block reinforcement system. Can now reinforce blocks with a new tool called the "Plumb and Square". This results in players required to break the block multiple times before it really disappears. Requires a resource for reinforcing. Hard stones add 25 strength, copper ingots 75 strength, bronze around 200 and iron ingots 400 strength
  • Feature: Added command .recordingmode to toggle a +20% boost to gamma and brightness
  • Feature: Added /emote command to make emotes. Hint: You can use the macro manager (CTRL+M) to bind these to a keyboard key.
  • Feature: 2 new seraph animations: Panning and two hand block placing
  • Feature: Buyers of the supporter add-on now have a golden name tag, Vintage Story Team players have a green name tag
  • Feature: Added panning animation, standing flint knapping animation, 2-hand place block animation and 4 emotes
  • Feature: Can now break apart reed baskets and hand baskets with a knife in the crafting grid
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing changes
    • Increase chance of trader spawning by about 10%
    • Doubled max stack size for feathers
    • Halved beehive repop times
    • Halved animal breeding times
    • Seed loot vessel now drops more seed
    • Eating a cooked meal from a bowl now gives +20% nutrition boost
  • Tweak: Added translators that contributed more than 100  words to the credits page
  • Tweak: Holding Alt now inverts mouse grab with Immersive Mouse Mode on or off.
  • Tweak: Oil lamps that are placed on the ground now fall down instead of popping of as an item
  • Tweak: Slightly increased max drifter spawn quantity 
  • Tweak: Seraph can finally sleep empty handed 😉
  • Tweak: Can now attach lanterns to the bottom side of fences
  • Tweak: Middle mouse click to pick blocks now ignores anything in the off hand or back pack slots
  • Tweak: The game now blends the light level if player holds a light source in the left and right hand
  • Tweak: Updated language files
  • Tweak: Improved glow level on extinct firepits
  • Tweak: Berry bushes now show how many days they need to grow
  • Tweak: The grid recipe slideshows shown in the handbook are a bit randomized so as to not give the false impression that e.g. only meteoric stone works for crafting stonepath
  • Tweak/Fixed: Sleeping in beds no longer hider the GUIs and shows a hint on how to leave the bed
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare crash related to clay forming
  • Fixed: Breaking lanterns unstackable with crafted lanterns. Missing lantern names in the block info
  • Fixed: Game crashing when placing huge amounts of firewood in one chunk
  • Fixed: Can no longer xray by dropping gravel/sand onto the character. Now renders an inside block thing.
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash while playing the game
  • Fixed: Handbook did not rescale correctly when changing the GUI scale without restarting the game
  • Fixed: Trader restocking created multiple buy/sell items of the same type
  • Fixed: Purchasing from the treader created 0-stacksize gears
  • Fixed: Oddities when sneak + right clicking with firewood on trapdoors
  • Fixed: Game crashing when pressing H while hovering over a basket in the inventory
  • Fixed: Offhand slot contents invisible after rejoining a server
  • Fixed: Dead trader had missing name entry
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare client crash
  • Fixed: Missing trader sound log entry
  • Fixed: Might fix broken soil textures on linux?
  • Fixed: Coal not spawning in chert
  • Fixed: Game version in the windows apps list not correctly displayed
  • Fixed: Sneak+H on logs and leaves did not open the detail page
  • Fixed: Contents of Chests and firepits lost on rare occasion upon reload/reconnect of the world
  • Fixed: A very old bug in the block id remapper that causes some blocks to be missing the first time a mod was added or removed, when loading up a world, in certain cases.

API Updates

  • Feature: Added field RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug world generation issues
  • Tweak: Can now define a theme packs texture size in the modinfo.json to fix the rendering issue with topsoil
  • Fixed: Large decal textures crashing the game
  • Fixed: Entity actions left mouse and right mouse could not be prevented
  • Fixed: Should fix that the block/item/entity shape rotations are not propagated to its variants
  • Fixed: Empty cooking pot code is now configurable

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