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More low tech tools and items for stone age in vanilla game?


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The whole game is designed to rush through the first ages. But what if you want to stay in stone age for a while? I miss tools like a mortar to make flour (put a piece of grain on a stone and use stone in your hand to make flour). Like this one



I miss the ability to make more out of small hides. What about a door made of pelt? I does protect you from cold, but not from animals. Make larger pelt from small pelt using flax twine and a bone needle. Make bone tools like knapping stone tools. Place a bone on the ground and use a stone to knap it into tools.



This would give more meaning to the Stone Age and not just be a troublesome part for entering other ages.

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This is pretty firmly mod territory, I think.

The game is set in a vaguely renaissance/victorian type era; you can confirm that by reading the lore snippets you can find from books, scrolls and tapestries. And just because the player character spawns empty-handed in the middle of nowhere, that doesn't mean they suddenly lack the knowledge that their world has developed previously. So it's quite natural and expected that stone tools are a mere temporary stepping stone to a higher level of development.

Additionally, from a purely game design perspective, it makes sense to have the initial progression steps be quicker than the lategame ones. Every RPG ever developed does this by varying the levelup speed. Vintage Story doesn't have levels, but it has technology progression; and so, to get the player started, the first steps are quicker and easier than the later ones, resulting in the stone age being relatively short.

If you want a stone-age simulator, that's entirely fair - but stock Vintage Story is not that, and never will be that. This is where mods come in, to change the stock game into something it isn't, in order to leverage the game to cater to different interests. There's already at least three I can think of off the top of my head that add more low-tech content.


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I know there are mods for that, but they add too much unnecessary stuff. I just miss some minor additions.

I would make my own mod, but I don't know anything about the mod API and I'm not good in designing models or graphics at all.

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What I like about VS is, that you can progress slowly and enjoy the game.

It is much better if you progress to copper age after you played stone age for several game months.

I don't see stone-age as some sort of "mere temporary stepping" but as the important and fun part of the game. It just lags of content and some thing are behind copper gate.
Lots of things could be doable in stone age (like troughs), but with lower durability / efficiency. This should be in vanilla game, but I get it, there are more important functions to implement right now.

I don't think that everyone, who wants more content for stone age, wants a stone-age simulator. We could talk the same way about copper-age simulator, bronze-age simulator ... the only right age would be steel-age. :D (or not)

If you want to speedrun to iron/steel, than stone-age has enough content. If you want to enjoy every age, than stone-age has not enough to offer.


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