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Grass grows in the wrong place and destroy blocks.

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12 minutes ago, Александр Большаков said:


Привет . Столкнувшись с проблемой, в мире растет трава, разрушающая блоки в одних и тех же местах. Уничтожение травы не решает проблему. Иногда на заборе растет трава. Версия игры 1.16.5.





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A few of these mods are out of date (I am lazy and need to update them), but this is the current mod list for the server I'm running on pterodactyl. Forensic story is a logging mod that simply writes to a file in batches whenever people do various things.

This is on version 1.16.5

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I guess I've just run into this myself, the grass destroys both regular blocks and chiseled blocks. I was running near-clean 1.16.5 singleplayer, the only mod is ProspectorInfo. The bug manifested itself in the spring but I have no idea whether that's just a coincidence (plus grass not growing in winter) or not.

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This is a problem that I've been having for a little while. I'll have flowers, paths, or fences down and the grass grows in, sometimes in places that would not grow grass, as you can see from my screens. I used regular basalt rock and chiseled basalt rock for this iteration of the problem, and the road that I replaced with the rock was packed dirt, which did not grow any grass on it until I put down the wooden paths.

Currently, I am in 1.16.4, on a multiplayer server, and this has occurred with mods and without mods. The only mod that I'm running right now is Carry Capacity.





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