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Wolves' mechanics improvement


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I am not sure anyone has written this but - real world wolves' behavior that could be implemented in the game:




The point of VS IMHO is to make much more realistic "the-game" clone that will fit adults in their sandbox experience.

Which has huge success in achieving this goal.

I simply adore the game as well as its vanilla mechanics of smithing, clay forming, husbandry, beekeeping, you name it.

It is so close to the real world that sometimes it is confusing - having the RW handyman experience you just face the same things in the game :)



Wolves mechanics is somewhat simplistic and primitive.

And it can be improved without significant performance impact.

So - real world inputs that are relevant to the game:

1) Wolves are attacking only when they are hungry which is usually the winter time

2) Wolves are attacking first smaller animals, and only then big and huge animals such as humans

3) Wolves attack in packs

4) Wolves may migrate in packs in search for food


The mechanics change that could significantly improve:

A) Wolves will attack humans only when having weight less than decent

B) Wolves may attack any time if attacked first or protecting the pack/puppies etc (exactly as with sheeps).

C) Wolves have less attack strength when starving, taking only by the numbers in the pack.

D) Implicitly from A it will cause wolves to start attacking only in winter time. By then the player has already got access to decent armor and/or weapons.

E) Tyron may add the following mechanics too - wolves pack may migrate to the cooking area if located in render distance AND they are starving. I.e. if you cook a meal at home - the smell may attract wolves to your home. The 4 animals pack will wait for you right next to your door :)


All this still preserves the balance yet make the game closer to its purpose: more real sandbox game.

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