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Hares, Padlocks and Butterflies (v1.9.7-rc.1 and v1.9.7)


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Lively Vintarians
Version 1.9.7-rc.1, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

[Edit:] v1.9.7 is up as well now! Should fix a crash when loading/connecting to old worlds. Also Portuguese translations! 

This should be a nice one. Another animal added to the creature roster. Looks real nice in-game. Saraty and Luke did a great job on this one. We also added another important link in getting started on the game - text describing how some of the crafting mechanics work. Lastly we got improved game server connecting times and a new butterfly behavior \o/

I also did work some more on implementing the static translocator, but its not there yet.

As mentioned before, I will still do one or two more small-ish updates then begin work on another major feature release.


Added Hares. Don't forget to protect your crops :D
0-hare-grey.thumb.jpg.39e3daf7ff21fa371003b18461bf5162.jpg 0-hare-arctic.jpg.ff82fdd25b7e4788be6499fb14d9c13d.jpg


Added some basic crafting mechanic documentation to the survival handbook. In a future update perhaps well prettify it with animated gifs and stuff.

Added padlocks. These can be used to lock doors and chests so that other players cannot access it. You need to use it in combination with the block reinforcement or land claiming system for it to be effective.


Butterflies now sometimes chase eachother

Game updates

  • Feature: Essential ingame documentation: The handbook now contains information on some of the game mechanics, such as knapping, clay forming and smithing
  • Feature: Added Hares
    • Quickest animal in-game
    • Come in 9 variants, including a desert and arctic one
    • Will eat your crops or any loose vegetables dropped on the ground
    • Is hunted by foxes and wolves
  • Feature: Added padlock item
    • Allows players to lock doors, trapdoors and chests
    • Most useful in combination with block reinforcement or land claiming
    • Created on the anvil from any bronze or iron (no functional difference between the metal versions)
  • Feature: Improved game networking. Now compacts all data packets above 5 Kb. Should yield in much faster connecting and chunk loading times on slow/distant connections. Example: Initial connecting to a server now only needs to transmit 300 Kb instead of 8 Mb - a reduction by a factor of 25
  • Feature: Added 3 new emotes and 2 new animations (hoeing and watering). Type /emote to see what emotes are available.
  • Feature: Added butterfly chasing behavior. Sometimes butterflies fly after one another. Butterflies are slightly larger now.
  • Tweak: Doubled strength of reinforced blocks. Reinforced blocks can no longer catch fire
  • Tweak: Chickens now walk and flee somewhat faster
  • Tweak: Can now right mouse click to pick up raw pot, raw ingot mold and raw tool mold
  • Tweak: Shortened animals flee response time
  • Tweak: Animals now a bit less idle
  • Tweak: Animals killed through falling or by other animals now only have half the drops when harvested
  • Tweak: Inside block rending now disabled when in creative mode
  • Tweak: Added debug logging to clay forms for players that have their game freeze when they start to clay form
  • Tweak: Added debug logging for Mac OS users where mouse / keyboard controls don't work properly
  • Fixed: Bug in client position interpolation. Should fix
    • Dead animals floating in air
    • Players getting teleported on laggy connections
    • Animal movement more jerky than they should be
  • Fixed: Debug text and name tags on dead animals not above their heads
  • Fixed: Various bugs with the flower pot and planter
  • Fixed: Rewrote recipe selection, should fix any issues where one recipe as chosen but another got selected
  • Fixed: Using a temporal gear made it not disappear in other players hands
  • Fixed: 3rd person clipping through walls (not 100% fixed but less now)
  • Fixed: Two year old bug. Soil in inventory wrongly tinted.
  • Fixed: Music no longer playing after a while
  • Fixed: Traders not spawning in some cases
  • Fixed: Rarely Lakes generating inside some trader huts
  • Tweak/Fixed: Minor stuff. One possible cause of glitchy repeating animations, planting seeds now runs the place animation, might fix an issue with the plumb and square, first launch info dialog now adjusts to the height of the text, updated translations, tweaked fox spawn conditions

API Updates

  • Feature: Completed work on BEAnimatable. Lets you animate block entities. See BlockEntityStaticTranslocator for an example
  • Feature: Added networkapi.DidReceiveChannelId
  • Tweak: Added RegistryObject.CodeWithVariant for entities, blocks and item. This method forms the future on how to get variants of the same block
  • Tweak: Animals can now also eat loose items on the ground (current use: For Hares)
  • Tweak: Collectible.Variant is now ordered, added
  • Tweak: *byType and {type} is now recursively replaced  (i.e. can do {type} inside a byType "*" variant)
  • Tweak: EntityPartioning.WalkEntities callback now with boolean return to stop the search
  • Tweak: Filled Flower pots and planters now configured through json on what they drop
  • Tweak: Cinematic camera system no longer obfuscated
  • Tweak: Better crash feedback on wrong asset data in 2 cases (i.e. wrong entity texture)
  • Fixed: ItemCreature did not respect creature mod domain
  • Fixed: Creature interaction was not cancel-able through the action system

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