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0 "Never hostile" - 1 "Passive" - ? - 10 "Aggressive"


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It would be nice to have a creature hostility setting between "Passive" and "Aggressive", as "Passive" and "Never hostile" are very similar and on the peaceful end of the spectrum, and there is no option for those who like a bit more spice, but not as much as with "Aggressive".


In my rather new icy world I was pretty surprised when it turned out that the "Passive" mode for creature hostility apparently now means that they don't attack you unless you hit them, and even then it seems like it can happen that a drifter just lets you kill him with a few spear pokes without attacking you back (might be a bug, not sure).

And, well, I actually really like that as a creature hostility mode and I even asked for it (so: YAY! :D ), because I like to play rather peaceful in a lot of worlds and it's a bit weird with "Never hostile" when they just let you kill them without fighting back, buuuut.... this now means we have, on a scale of creature hostility options in VS:
a 0 with "Never hostile",
a 1 with "Passive" and then
a 10 with "Aggressive"

So there is nothing in between, for when you want some risk of monsters/animals attacking you when you get too close, but they don't hunt you as aggressively and from as far away as with "Aggressive".


I might be wrong, but I remember from when I started to play VS that "Passive" meant you would not be attacked when you stayed away far enough, so that for example in caves you could maneuver around the drifters and they wouldn't really chase you like with "Aggressive", but if you weren't careful and one got too close, he would hit you and possibly kill you.

And now in the icy world that I recently started, I expected that I could relax a little because drifters wouldn't start hunting me if I just got close to a dark cave entrance, and that I could mostly deal with wolves and polar bears by staying at a healthy distance, unless I'd run into them by accident and when I wasn't careful enough. But there was still the sense of danger that I had to make sure I kept an eye on where they were so that I could keep that distance (white polar bear on white snow in the dark.... o_O), and sometimes you'd be surprised and would have to fight.
Well, when I realized that I can walk through a polar bear now as long as I don't poke it or it had not fallen down a few blocks and gotten fall damage...it was a bit disappointing. :/ Not because of this creature hostility option (I really love to have this option and would choose it once in a while), but because I thought I had chosen something else for this world and because that means there is nothing in between "Aggressive" and basically two peaceful modes.

SO IN SHORT: I would love to have a creature hostility option that is between "Aggressive" and "Peaceful, aka Never hostile" and "Peaceful unless hurt, aka Passive". A mode where you have the option to avoid most fights if you are careful enough, but there still is a sense of danger and not paying attention for too long can mean predators get too close and you have to fight.

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