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Polar bears not spawning that close


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Could the polar bear spawns be changed a little that they don't spawn right where you just made sure that they are not in the way and can kill the sheep you are just trying to painstakingly lure to your base?

In my current icy world I started luring sheep to my base with troughs and it's a looooooong way, so it took a loooong time until I got kinda close and then the sheep were killed by polar bears. Yep. In yesterday's stream I was back on the same track with new sheep and even more careful now, and then first one spawned right where I had just built a little pen as the next safe spot on the track to lure them into, and later another one spawned again in an area I had just checked and again he spawned right next to the path I had prepared. o_O

It's one thing that we have to use those kind of methods to get sheep/pigs to our bases, especially in areas where the next spawn is far away...but now with bears that can kill them on the way? o_O That's just painful, even for someone like me who likes the grind and is really stubborn. :P

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