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-Update maybe will be 26 June, because all pirate accounts will be baned.

- Beyond the aforementioned visual updates, the topic of 1.17 is "De-Jank". This means we'd like to improve some of the existing game mechanics and finish some of the currently incomplete ones. I don't want to go into specifics but I do can reveal some broad de-janks topics which we plan to work on, which are: Armor system, Immersive First Person Mode, Seraph Voices, Mouse/Keyboard controls, Prospecting, Meal cooking.

- Once the game trailer and 1.17 is complete, we'd like to finally make major advances around the games lore in 1.18. This will include lots of new ruins and ruin contents.

-New savanna mobs
-New shields
-water can flow through the fence (can't drag file sry)
-Armor break and recover
-Termit mounds (can't drag file sry)
-- Tweak: Improved creature AI tactics - when a attacking creature cannot reach its target and gets hurt, it will make a tactical retreat. Everytime it gets hurt again, it will retreat further. Should mitigate pillaring + ranged attack weakness of most creatures.





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