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More Vegetable, less bugs (v1.9.8 / v1.9.9)


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Grandeur Vintarians
Version 1.9.8, an stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

onion.png.3aa4c09205afe130417e26cad6f06622.png parsnip.png.d134c24e278c75cea4d16b9816ae3da7.png turnip.png.07c5848943e13d8a764faee30ce6cf62.png carrot.png.dd261c58b3139a041eb0f12c0c5149c8.png 

[Edit:] Released v1.9.9 to fix the following issues:

  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to put feed into a trough
  • Fixed: Able to pour solidified metal in a crucible
  • Fixed: Heating stuff on a forge then taking it off changed its temperature (client<=>server temperature desync)
  • Tweak: Boosted hare hurt sound

Game updates (v1.9.8)

  • Feature: Added 3d models for harvested carrots, onions, parsnips and turnips
  • Tweak: Placing/Taking firewood from a pile animates the fp hand
  • Tweak: Butterflies pitch up and down a bit when they fly up or down 
  • Tweak: Updated translation files
  • Fixed: Harvesting dead animals yielding only half the drops
  • Fixed: More derpy player animations when using a tool + torch in off hand
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare random crash
  • Fixed: One empty space missing between name and text in the chat hud
  • Fixed: Removed some useless / incorrect items from the trader tradelists
  • Fixed: Butterflies now fly off if the flower they sit on was broken 
  • Fixed: Game crashing when right clicking on a translocator
  • Fixed: A few memory leaks less
  • Fixed: Game crashing when resized to a very small window
  • Fixed: /land claim grant <player> all did not grant use permissions
  • Fixed: Butterfly chase-of-death
  • Fixed: Game crashing when resized to 0/0 size
  • Fixed one trader settlement type not spawning traders
  • API Fixed: Bulk block accessor calling OnBlockBroken/OnBlockPlaced before all blocks were placed
  • API Fixed: capi.KeyUp was not fired on key up events but on key down events

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