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System/table of groups, privates, Organizations(cities/clan/guild) and Party


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System/table of groups, privates and cities/clan
Implement a table of privates and groups for easy interaction with privates.
Implement all these tables in the "Character" menu and redesign it significantly.

1) Private table
Shows the number of privates and privates where you are a co-owner.
Why is this needed? Simplifies working with privates and reduces the knowledge of many commands and faster edit(Maybe in your add Grifer in your private and you faster remove him.).
For private, as for me, I need to create a menu to which would help speed up the process and count the number of blocks that can be private.
2) Group table
Table of groups and their Setting up their members.
Ability to invite players to groups or kick, leave the group, change the leader or make the co-owner of the group or remove co-owner, delete group.
You can also invite people to the group there or accept the invitation to it yourself.
(Look like "Private table" upper)

3) Organizations
Name of the type organization depends on the settings: Guild, Settlement(Village, City/Town), Clan, Tribe and other type.
What does the Organization provide?
1: Displaying organization members on the map and highlighting them.
2: Displaying your organization's icon in chat
3: Ability to do things with your organization's heraldry & color.

To create an organization 3 options
1) Talk to the clothing merchants and give him rusty ones for creating heraldry.
2) Get permission from the administration to create an organization.
3) Anyone can create an organization at any time.

Organization Customization:
Organization icon - Setting for server: 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256...
If the organization icon is larger than 32/64 pixels, then you will have to make it a thumbnail for the chat and interface.
Organization Icon/Crest - Used for Guild interface.
Mini Organization Icon - Displayed next to the nickname in the chat and when viewing players. Also used for create item's with heraldry organization: Tabard, Banner, flag and other.
For clothes and items +4 additional color customizations for armor/tabard:
1: Primary background color behind heraldry
2: Secondary background pattern & color behind heraldry
Pattern examples: Gradient, Checkers-Chess(squares), rhombus, line, lines
3: Border patter & color
Pattern examples: Line, Dot-dash, Dot, Dash's,
4: For Clothes/Armor
Armor/Metal:  Painting of armor and its frame/Border
Cloth color: Cloth color, Thread's/Border color.
Leather: Color
Diplomacy system:
Ability to make a organizations an ally. If the alliance is mutual, then you get the opportunity to see allies on the map as well as reduce damage to allies.
You can also make a certain organization an enemy and highlight their nicknames in red.

Your organization members' nicknames are displayed in green. Allies' nicknames are displayed in blue. The player's nickname is highlighted in red if he is an enemy.
Colors of allies and enemies can be customized in the player settings.

Organizations can make an alliance among themselves.
Alliance/Horde/Empire/Kingdom/Union/League/Coalition/Federation/Confederation/Republic and other type.

Diplomacy system will be like a family tree.(More like an incest family tree.)
4) Party Panel/Table
Feature that allows you to invite people to a group so that you can follow them in real time on the map and display their HP and hunger. You can also make it so that it would be impossible to cause damage to each other.

Left panel's with Name and HP/Hunger bar.
Ugh! Casual! - If people use voice chat, screenshot or video call, they can always say or show it.

If you click on a portrait of a friend in a group with the map open, you will be shown his location.

Setting's for
Party panel:
0) On/off
1) Size
Portrait - Off/on
Position: Left, Right


Other me Ideas:
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November 23, 2020(23.11.2020) - Selective breeding for Plant/Bush/Tree/Flower/Mushrooms.
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