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(Work In Progress)More Block's & Block/Object menu.


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Block/Object menu:
Make menu for "Block" press the "F" button and select appearance and form.
Add alternative appearance for blocks. To avoid making hundreds of different crafts: form(Block, Stair, Slab), appearance and position(horizontally or vertically).

This will also make it possible to remove a bunch of unnecessary crafts.
This will remove the need for crafting half-blocks and steps.

Make 2 types of "Rock Block" "Generated"(Only in creative) and "Placed"(This block after destoy not drop "stone" but drop "rock block")
Rock after placing can be mined without breaking into stone and also gravity does not act on it.
You can also make some of the blocks that can only be obtained from the creative mode available to players.


Example: Cobblestone
Appearance: "Cobblestone", "Dry stone"...
Form: Block, Stair, Slab, Fence(Only for brick/Cobble).
For many blocks, add more than a few visual styles:

Brick: Block, Brick, Tile, also position horizontally or vertically or other form for brick.
Cobblestone: Boulder, Big cobble(Like a "drystone") ,Cobble(Standart), Pebble(Like a Gravel), also position horizontally or vertically.
Polished rock: Column(No border at the joints with other columns ), No border(like a "`RockName`-inside.png"), Not polished(Standard stone texture but after Destroy drop Polished rock)... You can also add more different designs like a "Ancient block"(survival\textures\block\stone\quartz).
Other texture or Color: To avoid making hundreds of crafts, just make a bunch of variations of tones and a slightly different texture.
218892868_GraniteRedExample2.jpg.e32b7002e69ac738c62220d042072e8a.jpgExample: Red granite
Log: All side Bark(Good for Custom Tree), No bark(debarked) god for floor or wall.
Add logs block that is surrounded on all sides by bark also add for generated/growing tree.
Plank/Wood board:
Size width: Panel/Plywood(Almost like a tree without bark), Big board, Board, Thin boards
Boad length size: Long ones(Without Borders), Long board(2 block), Medium board(1 block standart), Short Board(Half block).
Board options: Diagonally(4 positions), position horizontally or vertically

Overlay Textures:
Add for natural block "Overlay Textures".
Natural block: Gravel, Sand, Rock, and maybe road block.
To make the world more beautiful and smoother

Chisel interactions and block's:
Add the ability to multi-block "Chisel Door" for example take mode "Fancy Doors".

More new block:
Suggestion to make some textures more realistic. In some cases, the textures are more juicy and beautiful.
It also makes them more unique in some cases, because the stones do not differ much from each other.

For all the textures that I made from below, I used a small piece from a photo with a juicy or homogeneous part, making the texture expressive.
Example Quartz.
White is quite normal, but if you just change it, it will be hacky, but if you add realistic textures and combine them with a regular texture, it will turn out quite nicely.

833752485_QuartColorOreExample2.jpg.c2fa52be75e168857bf2c4f321c8ae3b.jpgOnly Recolor
1860058329_QuartColorOre2.jpg.6722597a921e9646e1fc7d6393aaaf80.jpg Add realistic texture over standard ore texture

Add more color for "Path block".
rainbowlroads.jpg.be23c932853e1772ed222ec4d87e5c32.jpgExample mode "Rainbow Roads".

Cobblestone block, Brick/Polished block from: Obsidian, Kimberlite stone, Scoria volcanic rock, Tuff volcanic rock, Halite stone, Suevite impact rock,
Make obsidian ore in rock/sand.
image8.png.6ac05d18a2f79cecef228e08072cc41c.pngObsidian in sandstone in real life.
1546412034_ObsidianinSandandRock.png.c9ba379594eced9fee8c68791e1befa5.pngSand Granite/Sandstone rock with Obsidian.
Add Sand/Gravel for: Marble( Example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thasos )
1351487146_Thasosmarlebeach.thumb.png.e43e8c2845012bce71073a18bbe4795b.pngThasos marle beach
More sand/gravel or other block for beach
Quartz(Ametyth, and other color)/Olivine sand/gravel(Not glass)
Olivine beach - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papakolea_Beach
Glass sand/gravel make several options natural(Quartz, Obsidian) mostly glass obtained from volcanic activity and human(Colorful glass) player can find it or make it.

Purple sand - garnet, manganese, rose quartz - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple_sand
Purple sand on the "Pfeiffer Beach" the reason for its color is Manganese garnet in it. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pfeiffer_Beach
Shell beach - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell_Beach_(Western_Australia)

More ore block:
Make 5+ types of ore:
Example "Lapis in chalk".
Ore rock(No rock particles in texture), Big ore seam, Ore Seam, Rich ore chunks, Big ore chunks, Small Ore chunks (Like Current version), Fragments ore(Small chunks).

More color for Quartz ore:
Add more color Quartz: Blue quartz(Light blue), Citrine(Yellow)
Add also new "quartz ore"(Pink, Amethyst, Standart-Milk, Smoth..) and so that quartz crystals of a certain color grow only on quartz of their own color.
Cobblestone Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar
Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar + Glue/Resin + Sanded plank/board = analogy "Quatz" block(Antique block)
Block/Brick/Pillar/ from Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar
More Cobblestone from resurses: Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar
Transparent cobblestone - Craft: Clear Quartz/Olivine/Fluorite/Ametyth + Glue/Resin
Clear transparent cobblestone glass - Craft: transparent cobblestone(Quartz/Olivine/Fluorite/Ametyth) → Bloomery
783422314_VintageStory32.png.f3d7a8d652b3f895215e03550ca2c482.pngAmetyth texture not good.
"Metal" Nugget block - Craft: 40-80 Nugget's + Hammer + Glue/Resin
"Metal" Nugget cobble stone - Craft: 40-80 Nugget's + Clay
Melted "Metal" Nugget block - Craft: Nugget block + Firepit
Polished "Metal" Nugget block - Craft: Melted "Metal" Nugget block + Sanded plank/board

New Rock:
Add new block "Sandstone Rock"/"Porous Rock" for all block "Rock". Physically like Rock but more fragile(breaks faster) and has a different texture with more grain.
How can the texture be different? For example has more layer effects like "sandstone" or like in Minecraft where the texture has lot of cracks
Formation rock - Looks like layered stone on top of each other
More color for Sandstone:
Orange, Red, Yellow-pink, Pink, Yellow-white

More Clay/Clay Rock:
Add more clay rock
Colored/Painted clay, Brick, Block, Clay stone.
Add more colored clay also make several colors for "fire clay".
New color for natural clay: White, Gray(In game), Dark gray/Black, Brown(Only brick), Red(Only brick), Orange, Yellow(In game), Pink...
ClayBrick1.thumb.jpg.45204c9640310cefe0974a33649f7c63.jpgExample new color
Orange/Red clay "Ceramic brick" - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Керамический_кирпич
ClayRedOrangeQuarryLow.thumb.jpg.c903ef878bd12f67ee5910e0a7dda205.jpgQuarry Red-Orange Clay
Other brick form/size/appearance:
Tile brick=Plínthos - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Плинфа
Big like Stone Brick.

Clay from Claystone:
stone→Pulverizer=Claystone dust
Claystone dust+water=Clay

Add "
Painted clay/brick"
"Painted clay" craft: clay+dust dye+water, clay+water dye.
"Painted brick" craft:


Add White/Gray/red/yellow/orange/transparent Halite rock

Serpentinite(Green like Periodit) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serpentinite

Hematite, iron formation: JasperoidJaspillite(hematite and quartz), Taconite, Jasper(Quaertz).
These stones have a red tint due to the content of iron (Hematite). Big chance found iron.
Example Hematite rock texture:
Jadeite, Nephrite, Cuprite(Red) - Have big chance to Malachite/Copper. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephrite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jadeite

Copper ore/rock
Turquoise/Green(In game) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malachite
Red - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuprite
Blue - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azurite
Blue-Green/Turquoise(Azurite+Malachite) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azurmalachite
Brown/Gray - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bornite
Black-Purple - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covellite
Light blue - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysocolla
Gold-yellow - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalcopyrite
Gray - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalcocite

Add more Granite color - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granite
Coral(Pink, Red, Black), Blue(Blue-black), Pink(Pink, Gray, Yellow), Red, Dark-red(Black, Dark-red), Black, Godlen
1919892111_GraniteExample3.jpg.ebc9ad25088ad9a63499a5054613e2ec.jpgExample: Rock, Brick, Cobble, Polish
Diorite - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diorite
White/Yellow-Black Rock. In places of cut, it becomes lighter or white, so when creating bricks from it, it makes them contrast
Color: Black(More Black), White(More white), Yellow(More yellow), Darkyellow(More black)
1135315063_DioriteExample5.jpg.1d9960c95d388dab8b3e4c970c9cc76d.jpgExample: Rock, Brick, Cobble, Polish
Quartzite Rock - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartzite
Quartzite like a Quartz have soo much color's.
Break Quartzite you have chance to get Quartz with Stone and big chance to found quartz deposits in rock formation
Quartzite can be processed in "Firepit " by making it smoother (Melting quartz particles). 2 "Quartzite sand" melted into glass at Bloomery.
Quartzite blocks(Brick, Cobblestone, Rock) will expand the palette of blocks for builders.
141739704_QuartziteExample2.thumb.jpg.1460d18851904c48b77ead0d90c6de55.jpgExample: Rock, Brick, Cobble, Polish

Stripped/Debarked log - Make a craft log without bark(And also getting bark for crafting) - Oak bark can also be used for tanning leather, and the resulting log can be cut into firewood or boards.
Non bark texture in game "survival\textures\block\wood\debarked"
Aged "Name Tree" plank/board/log - Make all variations of old planks and logs. Change "Aged" color from green to dull gray-brown and rename all "Aged" to "Aged Oak". Craft: Make a temporal mechanism that allows you to age objects.

Rot plank/board/log - Rotten boards have a dark green color compared to the original. Craft in Barrel: 0.1-1 portion of water for 4 boards or 1 plank/1 log
Rotten plank/board/log - This board has an extremely rotten look if you step on it or fall, then the block will be destroyed and you can avoid the destruction of the block by holding "Slow walk"(Shift). Used in ruin/dungeons as a trap. Craft in Barrel: 0.2 portion of water for 4 rot boards or 1 rot plank/1 log.
Waxed plank/board/log - They have a saturated color than normal color plank/board/log. Also, these boards should be used for certain crafting(For example wooden beehives). - Craft: Bee Wax + 2 plank/8 board/2 log(Also Aged)
Dry/Smoked wood - The color becomes dull and similar to aged but more gray. Craft: Plank/board/log is hung over the fire and becomes dry. This wood can be found in desert: dead trees & ruins.
Firing plank/board/log - Fire treated wood the color becomes darker or black. - Craft: plank/board/log(Also Aged) in firepit. This wood can be found in "Wildfire" biomes and unlike "Burnt" has foliage and can be found in "Burnt ruins".
Burnt plank/board/log - The wood will look like coals - Craft: Firing plank/board/log(Also Aged) in firepit. This wood can be found in "Wildfire" biomes and can be found in "Burnt ruins".
Sanded plank/board, Sanded Stripped log - Lightens the wood texture. - "Firing Wood"(Black wood)+Sanded="Sanded Firing wood"(Grey wood), Burnt wood+Sanded=Firing wood - For Sanded need "Emery paper/cloth" or "Sandpaper" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emery_(rock) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandpaper
Example birtch plank's:

New biomes and block for him:
Dead marsh/swamps:
Is half-decayed/rotten forest in the swamps due to the presence of certain bacteria in the water, which once in a certain season start insane reproduction, which is why large trees cannot grow in this biome.

Mire, peatland, Peat-bog, or quagmire - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mire  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog
New block:
Soft peat soil - You drown in it half a block. Can found on any peat biomes also often found in swamps next to "quicksand" as a warning.
Peat quicksand(
Dense peat
Very dense peat

Peat-bog water - Special type of liquid in peat bogs.

Three main biomes:
1 Peatland - P
eat plains are not particularly distinguished only by grass and earth underfoot, but maybe by the fact that there are few trees and for the most part shrubs.
2 Peat-bog -
3 Peat
forest -
4 Peat-bog forest -

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peat_swamp_foresthttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borneo_peat_swamp_forests )

Peat tanning - One of the slowest ways to process tanning skins is to use peat bogs.
Youtube: Hide Tanning- Traditional Scottish Methods & Peat Bog Survival Uses.

Salt biomes
Solonchak&Solonetz - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solonchak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solonetz
Soil with high salt content.
Salt Desert -
Sabkha - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabkha
Coastal zone consisting of salt, earth and sand.

Volcano&Ashland and Ash storm&Sandstorm:
5+ block's/item:
Ash(Block + Item) -
Worse than humus, but still easier to get. (Block + Item)
Volcanic ash(Block + Item)
- When used as fertilizer, it is more effective than regular ash.
Volcanic/Ash cement - Ancient Romans used volcanic ash instead of sand for cement. Ancient Romans Repice: Salt water(Sea/Ocean)+Volcanic Ash+Lime+Sand(Basalt or other volcanic rocks sand)
Ash/Volcanic Plaster(Used ash instead of sand)
Burnt log/bush -
By breaking them you will get some charcoal or ash, found in burnt biomes.

New weather Wildfire/Volcanic Ash storm and Sandstorm - This weather covers everything with ash/sand and then disappears after a while but you can also collect the ash/sand before it's gone.
Wildfire/Volcanic Ash storm - This weather fertilizes the fields, fills the location like snow but ash.
- Covers everything with sand and reduce visibility. Sand, on the contrary, reduces fertilizer and moisture in fields and there is a chance to kill the planted plant. To protect the plant and location from sand, there should be walls around them.
Ash1.jpg.04a1d757ab434d736f1c6d60a01caa6b.jpgAsh storm example(Retexture snow to Ash)

Volcano - 4+ biomes and more sub-biomes.
In volcano biomes, you can find large deposits of sulfur, and once in a certain time, the volcano can generate sulfur piles.

Dormant volcano -
Active volcano

Geysers -
Hot springs -

Ash biomes:
Burnt forest/plains - Great place to get charcoal and ashes.
It is a burnt forest in multiple burnt tree trunks in certain places there are burnt or burnt bushes or recently sprouted bushes. Some trees are partially burned and have a couple of healthy branches.

Ash land(Sub-biomes: Mountains/forest/plains)



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