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Prehistoric Mining Methods to Acquire Copper early on in the game?


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What are your thoughts on adding prehistoric mining methods to acquire copper, etc at the early start of the game? Before metal tools existed in history this is apparently how people mined in parts of the world, atleast in Britain.

You would need to find a naturally occurring 'hammer stone' suitable for mining like you do with flint for tools and use it in conjunction with animal bones somehow according to a video I saw about a bronze age copper mine, forgot the full details for the bone part but you should also apparently be able to use fire and water to weaken some rocks.

If added it should be used in a balanced way obviously but it would definitely add a reasonable method to be used in conjunction with panning and prospecting for native nuggets I think. Stones which are deemed suitable for mining, like flint would have a lifespan and need to be replaced by other hammer stones after a certain amount of uses.

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