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Class concept: Fire keeper

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Starting in the age of caves those who know how to control fire are often a key part of a tribe, moving on their part is move involved from using fire to revitalize land after a crop is grown (field burning to help with rotating crops) to knowing when and how to make fire traps. The fire keeper is unique in that don't excel at any crafting but instead at using flames and making things with fire.


Class features.

Burn master: (revitalize soil by burning wood or crops above it to return carbon and other materials.)

Fire collection: (gains more materials from fire like charcol uses less fuel when maintaining fires.)

Fire sight: (light sources built by a fire keeper have 100% greater light output.)

Ancient flame: (unique crafting, flamethrower and ever burn tar. both have industrial and combat uses)

Burned sight: (Dark areas are even darker for them can't see under ground with out lights nearby.)

Nervous (-15% melee damage)

Claustrophobic (-15% ore drop rate, -10% mining speed)

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