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De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.0-rc.8)


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.17.0-rc.8, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Everyone on the VS team is eager to get started on the next major update - lets get this to stable!

Screenshot by Romec#0367 on discord

Game updates

  • Tweak: Prospecting pick probe results are now translated into the players language on servers
  • Fixed: Incorrect temperatures in nonstandard world height worlds (due to incorrect sealevel value)
  • Fixed: Memory not freed upon world exit
  • Fixed: Snow layers forming on submerged blocks in 1.17
  • Fixed: Unable to collect water with a bucket if a submerged block is also present
  • Fixed: Rare client crash on world load
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with armor repair, tweaked all repair recipes
  • Fixed: /lntest available to unprivileged players
  • Fixed: Cutting a quarter sliced pie restored its serving size
  • Fixed: Disabling snow accumulation caused world autosave to break
  • Fixed: "Host rock" info missing from the handbook
  • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking 'Customize' on the create world screen with now playstyles loaded
  • Api Tweak: New startup virtual method: ModSystem.AssetsFinalize() which is called after AssetsLoaded(). Server event AssetFinalizers is now marked obsolete.
  • Api Fixed: No longer able to give positive stats to armor
  • Api Refactor: SetSealevel() now must be set during runphase ModsAndConfigReady. See also GenTerra.cs


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